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13 Moon Synchronometer 2018-2019


Red Cosmic Moon Year began July 26. Last year in a 13-year cycle of Purification, coded by the Mayan Dreamspell Tzolkin.


This years codes highlight the Way of the Feminine – 

  • Exploring the Presence of FLOW
  • Learning to Listen
  • Awakening to Synchronicitys Evolving Rhythms
  • Learning to live authentically, coded by the Cosmos!

Mayan DreamSpell Astrology & Astropoetics for the Soul!

Explore your purpose and passion, gifts and challenges with the codes of Mayan DreamSpell & Soul Astrology. Be guided to live a magical life fueled by synchronicity. A life aligning deeply with your soul, in divine service to co-creating a better life for all beings.

Let me assist You to find the Mission you came here for!

Read what others have to say about taking this journey here!

The Offering

The gift offered here is deep enquiry nto ones Essence and Purpose. Assisting clarity on ones place in the divine order of life.

On the day of ones birth, with our first independent breath of life/light, we receive our Personal Blueprint. A pulse of consciousness setting the foundation, ones life is built upon. Revealing a cornucopia concerning ones purpose and life.

Each year we travel around the Sun and return to our birthdate, called a Solar Return, that days pulse reveals the evolutionary learning for that year!

Both Mayan Dreamspell Astrology and Soul Astrology track ones evolution through TIME!

Let me guide you to and through this learning.

The Basics

Creation Story

The 20 Tribes represent the Creation Story. Each tribe connects sequentially to the tribe before and the tribe after in the cycle of evolution. By recognising each of the 20 Tribes as interconnected Universal Truths representing a Universal Cycle of Understanding, we...

How to Use this Site!

Welcome to TimeWaves... This site is full of archives written over the years on particular days, that can now be used to enquire deeper into any particular 'Kin' number on the Mayan Dreamspell Tzolkin (13:20 Harmonic Matrix)... You can use this to acquaint yourself...

TZOLKIN – Harmonic Matrix

THE SYSTEM Let me explain the system… It is a system of codes that form a matrix, THE Harmonic Matrix in fact that underlies and overlays all of life… It is even infused throughout the disharmonic man-made matrix, which we like to call 12:60 due to the codes of the...

Find Any Day!

To read about any day... Go to 'Find Your Signature', it will open up our Motherships website page and there you enter the Gregorian (12-month calendar) date for the day you are looking for...   Find the Kin number for that day… Return to this site and go to the...

What is the 13 Moon Calendar?

Here is a divine post with the more evolved perspective of what the 13 Moon Calendar is all about! Enjoy!

Latest Posts


Being bathed in the first rays of light shining in my window. The Serpent and the Sun greet! My mind reaches out full of hope to meet the brilliance of this new day!
The energy in my body awakens and I meet the beauty with the instinctive knowing that we have a new chance at co-creating beauty today.

Blue Lunar Storm, Kin 119, June 6 2018

A call out today to my dear friends Elah & Ausierra. Two inspiring Rainbow Warriors sharing there love of the Earth and the awakening through music and ceremony... They anchored Cacao Ceremonies in Bali every week for a couple of years in Bali, activating a...

New Zealand Spirit Festival 27-29 April 2018

I am so excited to be a part of the NZ Spirit Festival 2018. It's an event that celebrates global community, world music and well-being, from April 27-29th, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. SACRED DREAMSPELL THEATRE I have been invited to share Sacred Dreamspell Theatre...

Lions Gate 8.8, Thoths’ Emerald Tablets & Mayan Calendars

LIONS GATE 8.8.16 I have been seeing many folk talking and writing about the Lions Gate Portal of 8.8, and at the same time speaking of the New Year of 26 July... What astounds me is that, the information is all very generic, there is no detail, no depth, just...

Riding the Waves of Consciousness with Dreamspell Astrology – Letting Go, Shift Happens!

So here we are on Day 9 of the 13-day cycle of the Worldbridger, where we learn to surrender and let go, allowing new opportunities. According to Mayan Dreamspell Astrology, this is the name of the game, right now... If you want to read deeper into this wavespell...


Riding the Waves of Consciousness with Dreamspell Astrology – Letting Go, Shift Happens!

So here we are on Day 9 of the 13-day cycle of the Worldbridger, where we learn to surrender and let go, allowing new opportunities. According to Mayan Dreamspell Astrology, this is the name of the game, right now... If you want to read deeper into this wavespell...

The 13-day Cycle of Awakening begins – Red Skywalker Wavespell 5: 10-22 Feb 2016

Red Skywalker Wavespell – a time for travel, adventure and expansion

Birthing a Happy New Era – The Tzolkin rEvolves into a New Spin from Sun 20 Dec 2015 – 5 Sept 2016

Hi there people... So it has been awhile since I have blogged, as all the archives written over the years are available to track the cycles, and many folk seem to be finding their way to my site to do just that... Let me know if you would like to learn how to do that...

Welcome to Creating a Greater Vision – Blue Eagle Wavespell, Kin 235-247: Tues 24 Nov – Sat 5 Dec

G'day Planetary Kin... The last weeks I have been in India and immersing in the great inner expanse of the sacred mountain Arunachala, and so in that last Wind Wavespell, (11-23 November 2015) the immersion was such, that I did not blog that Wavespell of Spirit, but...

Access to Pure Consciousness reveals Brilliance – Red Moon Wavespell (Oct 29 – Nov 10 2015)

And so we have begun the 13-day cycle of the Red Moon, giving access to the Pure Consciousness beyond the disharmonic overlay of the conditioning of control and slave-making... Open yourself to this and trust the brilliance that flows through you in these 13 days......

Mayan Dreamspell – A Simple Intro

The Mayan Dreamspell is a Living System of 260 Days, Kin or Light Pulses. A Harmonic Matrix!

Each Kin is made up of 1 of 20 pulses/archetypes/universal truths and 1 of 13 actions. 13 x 20 = 260 days from conception to birth. 

This Living Matrix of 260 Kin, cycling infinitely thru Time is called the Tzolkin. Tzol – to Count, Kin – Light/Day

Start Exploring

1. Find your Galactic Signature

Begin by finding the Galactic Signature for any given date. This is called ‘decoding’. 

(Can also be found on iPhone 13:20sync App, Android any Dreamspell App)

2. Search the Archives

Enter Kin number below and receive  revelations sparked by the archives. Contemplation is KEY!

Continue to Quest-i-on the Mayan Dteamspell by following the next steps...

3. Discover Your Wavespell

3. Find the WAVESPELL /13-day cycle of the Kin. Go back each day until you find the Glyph/Tribe/Seal at the Magnetic Tone (1st of 13 days). This names the Wavespell.  e.g.. Worldbridger Wavespell - enter in Search.

Read the Wavespell story for further contemplation! 

4. Decode Any Date!

4. Decode any date relevant to you and explore the wonder… eg. family birthdays, an event, partner or friend… Enter the date and find the Galactic Signature for that day… Place the Kin number in the Search field  and receive writings on that particular Kin.

Contemplate, Receive Revelations!

Explore the Archives!

This site is full of archives written over 5 years. Attuning to the 260-Kin of the Tzolkin (Count of Light/Days). These archives are the holy grail of Mayan Dreamspell Astrology! Revealing the evolution of TIME - the fixed order of the Universe, and WE, the consciousness flowing within and evolving that order!

Send a message to dive deeper into learning the system. For Webinars to to book a personal session.

Sacred Mystery

The Dreamspell is a Mayan Calendar. Hidden from view, in the depths of temples overgrown by jungle, in Palenque, Mexico, from 682AD to 1952AD

These Maya of the 600s, perceived (through their unique Mayan Astrology) that a colonising force (the Spanish in this instance) was coming. And that the Wisdom that the Maya held so sacred, would be destroyed…

An elaborate tomb was built, to house both the energy and bones of Pacal Votan, the leader of that time. Along with the codes of  this ancient future wisdom.

Therefore, it is now, that this Ancient Wisdom can assist us to reclaim our sovereignty. So needed in this time on our planet…

In lak’ech
Kin 71 – Blue Rhythmic Monkey

Energy of the Day & Short Explanation

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