I am here to help you Live the Life of your Dreams by unmasking your Natural Essence, inspiring you to live the real YOU! Giving the Keys to Live in Tune with Your Life by Listening to Synchronicity!Vasumi at TimeWaves

The invitation here is to explore your purpose and passion, gifts and challenges through the natural codes of the DreamSpell Mayan & Soul Astrology. This can guide you to live the life of your dreams, a magical life fuelled by synchronicity. A life that aligns more deeply with your soul, in divine service to co-creating a better life for all beings. You have a mission that you came here for, let me help you get clear about what it is! Read what others have to say about taking this journey here!

The gift TimeWaves offers, is a capacity to enquire deeper into ones Essence and Purpose for being here. Offering the understanding of ones place in the divine order of life and consciousness.
On the day of ones birth, we receive our first independent breath of life or light, our Personal Blueprint, a light pulse that sets the foundation for building ones life. That pulse or frequency is multi-faceted and reveals many things about ones purpose and life. Both Dreamspell Mayan Astrology and Soul Astrology track ones evolution through TIME!
Each year we travel around the Sun and return to our birthdate, this is called a Solar Return, the pulse of light on that day reveals our evolutionary learning for that year! Let me guide you to and through this learning.


Dreamspell Mayan Astrology is an alive system of 260 days or Kin(light pulse), equating to 9 months from conception to birth. Each Kin carries one of 20 pulses/archetypes/universal truths and one of 13 actions, 13 x 20 = 260 that rEvolve through time…

So use this as a guide, no more, no less, and rely mostly on your own revelations… Let this site be an inspiration with a finger pointing home to Self… Dont get lost looking at the finger, look to where it is pointing, the ever-changing nature of consciousness evolving thru us

1. Find the Galactic Signature for any given date. This is called decoding. Test for yourself the validity of Dreamspell Mayan Astrology by following the steps below….

2. Place the Kin number into the Search panel above and receive the revelations offered in the archives, through the codes of this mystical and profound system…

3. Find which 13-day cycle or WAVESPELL this is in. (If on iPhone download 13:20sync App, or on other phones any Dreamspell App) The Wavespell is a clear look under the microscope into your way of being and reveals Purpose and Life Path. These apps are also excellent for following the days and slowly learning the order as it reveals itself through your own experience. You are also sent a FREE 13 MOON AGENDA pdf to track time, when you book in for a Session.

4. Decode any date relevant to you and explore the wonder… eg. your family birthdays, an event, your partner… Just enter the date and find the Galactic Signature for that day… Place the Kin number in the Search field above, and receive writings on that particular Kin day, contemplate what is revealed…
This site is full of archives written daily over 5 years, to attune you to each of the 260-days of the Tzolkin (Count of Light/Days). These archives are the holy grail of DreamSpell Mayan Astrology. that reveal the evolution of TIME, the fixed order of the Universe, where we are the consciousness that flows through and evolves that order!

A Mayan Calendar hidden from human eye, in the depths of temples overgrown by jungle, in Palenque, Mexico from 682AD to 1952AD… This Mayan Calendar was hidden because the Maya of that time, could perceive through their Mayan Astrology that a force (the Spanish in this instance) were coming, and that the Wisdom that the Maya held so sacred, would be destroyed… So they built tombs, encoded with this ancient future wisdom, in the temples of Palenque to be overgrown with jungle, hidden until the modern day… Therefore, It is now, that this Ancient Wisdom will help us, to reclaim our sovereignty in this time of intense transition on the planet…

Again, to decode any date, either your birthday Kin for this life, this year, or a friends Kin, or the Kin of an important event in your life… go here to find the Galactic Signature for that date…

To enter the name of the Wavespell (13-day cycle) that that Kin is in. go back each day until you find the Magnetic Tone (1st day) of the 13-day cycle for that Kin, and enter into the search… e.g.. Worldbridger Wavespell, now enter that in the search, to read the story of your wavespell for this life, or this year…

Blessed journeys to you and feel free to send me a message if you would like to dive deeper into learning the system, as I have some Webinars coming up.. Or for the meaning of your Galactic Signature with Dreamspell Mayan Astrology, feel free to book a personal session to explore further…

In lak’ech
Kin 71 – Blue Rhythmic Monkey

Also check my youtube channel for a video on your Dreamspell Mayan Astrology signature.