Kin 164: Yellow Galactic Seed – Happy New Year (Friday 26 July)


Happy New Year and New Time beloved kin…

Today is the 1st day of the New Year and the New Time, as we find it reflected in the astrological map that is reveals the stars gathered as a hexagram around the Earth, celebrating the dawn of a new age, signifying all life coming into balance, as the feminine/masculine aspects of life… Attune deeply inside and centre in, where the jewels lie, as we feel into the new that is dawning from today… The heavens are in full celebration with us as we begin anew the cycles and open ourselves to what has truly never been experienced before…

Today represents the end of the karma of the old and the facing forward to embrace the brand new, that sparkles and t-winks at us in promise of that which we have always dreamed of for our planet and all her inhabitants…

Today is guided by the Star, and surely encourages a look up to the stars and the divine formation they carry and set our intentions, to use the soil of all that has been, as the compost that helps us to grow into the highest potential of harmony for all beings… To look to others and reach out our hands with the knowing that it will take all of us to reach to where we are headed, to create this mighty forest of beauty, harmony and love… Forward facing, with roots down deep in the honouring of the ancestors, we can align our sights on the stars and the hexagonal pattern they form and move forward through the gateway they create into the New World, together as one….

Predawn we may receive visions of beauty, that reveal how all will change, as the creative mind integrates the harmonies we are aiming for… Seeing the creative shifts that can occur, to transform all that is not in harmony… Creative vision is the catalyst for integrating the harmonic matrix back into the minds of the people… Integration through our far-seeing eye allowing the flow of change, as we let go the thought forms of the old paradigm, dismantling and releasing identification thought by thought by thought…

From sunrise the birth of the new is integrated through choosing to align with the harmonic matrix on the mental spheres… To think kind thoughts about oneself and all others, as we harness our free will and awaken our minds to the choices we are creating with our thoughts…

From noon , the days busyness is integrated through a sharp and receptive mind that is open and anchoring knowledge from new dimensions… The knowledge that integrates the accomplishments we are setting for ourselves as we move into this New Time…  To reflect within the timelessness of a still mind, as a true mirror to all that comes to it, receiving all that one needs to know!

Heart of Gaia

From sunset, the hidden gift of this day and this year, becomes a deep dedication to the Earth… To organising our lives to listen and follow the synchronicities of the Earth and her cycles, that spell out our alignment in the New Time through truly aligning our free will with the will of the Earth… Finding balance through connecting with the wisdom paths that align us to listening to our Earth and her allies… Listening and tracking the synchronicities that come to meet us… To walk on the Earth, to feel her, to listen to her cycles, as we take one step in front of the other on the cyclic trails that lead to this moment that has never occurred before… We are the ones we have been waiting for!

So beloveds today is fractal of the coming year, so it promises to be interesting, as we begin our first steps in the New Time… Step by step uncovering the harmonic matrix and how to really live in the New Time aligned with Earths cycles and synchronicities and always focusing on the harmonies that will evolve as long as we keep our intention and focus on the new… Indeed this will be a year of great learning, learning how to re-align to the most harmonic future possible…

May we be open to c0-creating beauty today… the epitome of what it is to listen to one another and the Earth… May our minds sprout new potentials of harmonic thought connected in the natural rhythms and syncronicities of the Earth…

May we integrate the seeding of the New Time as we integrate our minds into the harmonic matrix of galactic consciousness!


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  1. Maria Lahun Caban Michele

    From Amsterdam , Lahun Caban ,Happy new Yellow Galactic Seed Year Vasumi, and thank you for your blog

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  3. Jane

    it is amazing to have found this site: today I held a meditation and 5 friends turned up to join me so we made a hexagram – without having read this, we did a meditation on exactly the same stuff- I feel so connected with other souls now, it’s beautiful. Be joyful, we are blessed indeed 🙂

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  5. Saskia

    Happy New year from kin 232 yellow spectrale human living in Holland. Started reading about the 13 moon calendar only since July 14th. I love it. 22nd of Octobre i fly to Auckland. Visiting New Zealand and playing Champion of champions Lawn bowls in Cristchurch. What a wonderfull life and I guess I haven’t seen anything yet. So much to discover. Love it. Love the World. Writing a book about what is happening to me and the ideas in my head.

    1. Post

      sounds fantastic… have a wonderful journey, and keep in touch closer to the time, as who knows how the synchronicity goes… i may be in the vicinity of Christchurch then… blessings xx

  6. vesta

    the fast moving moon makes that 6th point of the hexagram and it doesnt do that till 29th july..

    1. Post

      Hi Vesta… yes it is true on the 29th the Moon comes into that space, and meanwhile before then the spot is held by Hygeia… As the one that holds the Earth door open at 10 degrees Taurus… Hygeia represents the one that holds space when a passage, either birth or death or other such initiations are needing an anchor…
      Also the Nth Node is intensifying that doorway… i know the map i put in there is for the 29th, but it was more to the show the shape for the less initiated astrologically… and yes Hygeia and Nth Node are holding it open for the Moon to arrive on the 29th… big love dear siStar and look forward to returning to NZ tomorrow night, arriving sunday morning in Auckland…

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