Happy New Year – Welcome to the Planetary Wizard year

Well here we are again on the 28th day of the Cosmic Moon – the last day of the Red Solar Moon year, and it is a Yellow Galactic Human day… Tomorrow, on Red Solar Moon, is the Day Out of Time or DOOT and you can check on the Law of Time website to see if there is a gathering in your area, or add one of your own, so that others will join you in honouring this day of celebration and forgiveness…

It is a great day to take the time to do a ceremony, where you are, sending out planetary prayers… You could participate in the Rainbow Bridge Meditation and connect with the world telepathically, assisting to create a more harmonic planet…

The following day will be White Planetary Wizard, July 26th, which begins the new 365-day year…

Below I have included my revelations from the introduction at the front of this years 13 Moon Synchronometer, which you can obtain here… If you would like to order more than 10, ask me for a wholesale price, or let me know if you would like to download it as an ebook pdf, for an exchange of $13…

‘Welcome to the White Planetary Wizard Year… A year where we really get to look at what it takes to anchor our survival, on the planet… The Planetary or 10th Tone reveals a year of physical Manifestation and Perfection… This 10 Wizard is the 10th day of the Red Serpent Wavespell, revealing a purpose of manifesting perfected Life Force… The Serpent Wavespell, to me, is the most intense of the 20 Wavespells… So this in foresight could manifest in a few different ways that come to mind right now… Serpent represents our base intensity of fight or flight, our survival and also the sexual Kundalini energy… So this manifestation through the Wizard guided by the Wind, happens through deep and anchored receptivity in the body, guided by the Breath… If we bring our minds to the perfection of our Sexuality then perhaps the message is that by becoming still and receptive, guided by the breath, we perfect the sexual act… To come fully into the timeless enchantment of this present moment, with no striving for outcome, allowing Spirits breath to channel through us, so do we manifest and perfect the most potent Life Force…

The Wizard is Shamanic, guided to anchor deep receptive portals of pure Life Force through breath, sound and communing with Spirit…

Again the Serpent presents itself as the Support or Analog energy and at the Planetary 10th tone is guided by the Skywalker in the Warrior Wavespell… So we are supported in this years energy through exploring and awakening our vitality, fearlessly questioning all that would limit us, in order to focus without distraction, into the expansion of this very present moment.

The perfect Guide is 10 Wind which is guided by the Dog and is in the Skywalker Wavespell, awakening our capacity to communicate from the heart, manifesting Spirit Family…

The Challenge is 10 Seed, guided by the Human in the Eagle Wavespell… So in the beginning of the year we will focus on producing the medicine plants that bring the wisdom that manifests Vision. Visions of the greater picture of the New Time…

And then the hidden or Occult energy for this year is 4 Hand, guided by the Night in the Seed Wavespell… Assisting us to gain knowledge by guided by access to our unconscious dreaming of the New Time… That wonderful contract that is held in the Crystal Core of our Planet, of ‘abundance for all beings’. As we measure our minds by that deeper in-tuition, we are gifted the perfection of Survival, flourishing through anchoring the pure energies pulsed through us from the last Solar Moon Year…’


This years 13 Moon Synchronometer can be used for the free online training offered by the Foundation for the Law of Time… The ’28 Days to Galactic Consciousness’ will teach you to track the Mayan Dreamspell codes, to guide your life and receive your own revelations…

Stephanie and Jose at the Tomb of Red Queen

Stephanie South and Jose Arguelles at the Tomb of the Red Queen in Palenque

Here is a sharing of this year through Stephanie South/Red Queen,also featured in the beginning of this years Synchronometer

‘Welcome to the White Planetary Wizard, the year to re-enchant the world!

All of reality is a language of signs and symbols.

A symbol is a sign that when engaged, opens us to perceptions that were previously hidden.

Each person lives according to his/her own code system whether they are aware of it or not. The codes contained in this 13 Moon Journal equip us with a powerful new lens to perceive reality, but it is YOU who provide the actual meaning. For every person according to their unique life patterning and mission, they will derive a different meaning.

The higher dimensional synchronic order organises the third dimensional world of appearances. So by learning how to read these codes, we raise our frequencies and make connections that we may not have realized before.

This year coded by tone 10 is the year of manifestation and also a year that produces receptivity.
The best way we can give back to another person and/or the planet is through cultivating ever-deepening states of receptivity. This means that we are able to hear the resonances and vibrations coming to us from another so that we know the highst way to respond.

In the annual fifth force oracle, the White Planetary Wizard corresponds with solar/prophetic Maldek and brings the enchantment of timeless receptivity.

Maldek is related to life-force or kundalini energy. Within sexual energy, lay all the codes and programs of the unconscious mind. When life-force is suppressed or displaced, a distortion occurs, which leads to aggression and war, as well as the need to dominate and control.

The White Planetary Wizard reminds us to remember the future of the new time, through supreme receptivity to the present moment. In the new time there is no war. Peace prevails and imagination reigns!’

Stephanie South/ – written on Kin 95: Blue Self Existing Eagle day at Mt Shasta


Blessed be dear hearts, here you see two unique ways of perceiving the energies of the coming year, no doubt as you explore the codes for yourself, you will receive your own unique perceptions, together making the planet whole… Feel free to comment and share, as this supports us all to have many perspectives, assisting us to grow, none being wrong, just unique… I look forward to hearing from you…

And a New Year is always a great time for a personal session, so if you feel the call, contact me and we can see what the New Year means for you…

In lak’ech

(I am another Yourself)

Vasumi/Blue Rhythmic Monkey Kin 71

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  1. Blue hand 7

    Hello Vasumi, could you re-explain the ‘hidden occult’ part (4 hand) please? I don’t quite understand the explanation…
    I’m trying to understand the relation between the wizard and the hand. I’ve met a great guy who I now work with. He’s a wizard and I’m a blue hand. We’ve got a great connection going so we are both curious what this year will bring us.
    The text itself is very interesting. Thanks for that!

    1. Post

      they are each others hidden gift… A Wizards mastery is the Hand… the Hands mastery is the Wizard… in other words a Wizard is learning to receive and be fully in the moment, timeless… and already has the mastery of accomplishment and healing… The Hand is learning accomplishment and healing and already has the mastery of timeless receptivity…

      1. Blue hand 9

        thanks, it hits the nail for me. I’m searching how I can find and use the (inner) healing powers. It’s as if I need it written down in plain words to be able to see and understand it. It’s probably right under my nose but how to grab it.. I’m following the calendar since almost a year now and your stories help a lot in understanding the energies of the day.

      2. Vasumi

        so you as Blue Solar Hand, already came in with the mastery of White Overtone Wizard… A powerful receptivity of the heart, guided by spirit or sound…
        It makes such a difference what the tone is as this then gives all the other codes that refines the frequency …. to say just a hand or just a wizard, does not give us the depth possible…
        There is a wealth of information held in each code…
        Hope this helps…
        In lak’ech

    1. Post
  2. selina

    Hola Vasumi, thanks again for this and all he work that you tirelessly dedicate yourself to doing – it’s greatly appreciated. Looks like I’m in the right place, Peru, for welcoming in visions of the new time with the aid of plant medicine 😉 Happy New Year to you dear sister x

    1. Post
  3. cheryl

    Hi i woke one morning after dreaming of a line of numbers – there were about 6 that were meant to be important and an eagles face symbol . Ive been resting alot and get tired after a few hours , iam still positive around people but feel i need to be alone too

    1. Post

      Do you have your Galactic Signature are you an Eagle or a Mirror… Or a 5 Mirror in the Eagle wavespell… check here for your signature if you do not have it … blessings

    1. Post

      Hi Mark, To me, it means your learning/evolution/lesson each year, is in direct alignment with the planetary learning/evolution/lesson…
      As July 26th represents the time the Earth gets a Sirian transmission… Sirius being the greatest star in our sector – 3 times the size of our sun and 300 times more bright or reflective than diamond… makes for a mighty consciousness reflected there to our Sun each July 26… And so it is with all of us, and especially you as this is the day you are born and so the transmission you receive on that day is massive and makes you a being that has come to this planet to work directly with the collective consciousness, rather than the personal, even if it appears personal to you… how does that sound and feel to you? Blessings Vasumi

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