The 20 Tribes represent the Creation Story. Each tribe connects sequentially to the tribe before and the tribe after in the cycle of evolution. By recognising each of the 20 Tribes as interconnected Universal Truths representing a Universal Cycle of Understanding, we can perceive the Fabric of Reality, the Synchronic Order and the Science of Synchronicity. Synchronicity that is shown by adding glyphs together to find combined energies, or adding groups, to find their resonance and purpose. The 20 Tribes represent radial fractals of consciousness, they can relate to 20 days, 400 years up to 1 billion years when looking at the evolution of our planet, and or course do not be limited there. Our consciousness expands exponentially. For the sake of our dear planet, Gaia, we will journey thru the Story of Creation as it relates to our planet and her inhabitants, in order to remember that we are here as evolving humans on an evolving planet, connected to all of Creation …

We come from Source, the SUN, Universal Fire that emits sparks of pure energy, enlightened particles of life and passion. Independent shining sparks of light, impersonal all encompassing consciousness. Universal love and freedom, whole within itself, crystal clear. The masculine principle of God. AHAU

From the universal fire, as enlightened sparks of life, we are birthed into being and nurtured by the mother. The DRAGON cares with her ability-to-respond, birthing responsibility. She is pure, calm presence of being when respected and supported in her role as nurturer, yet she can become the fierce fire- breathing dragon when the life she cares for is endangered. Re-member, respect the mother, and our Mother Earth for she carries the greatest creation prayer for all beings. IMIX

As we are birthed, and nurtured into being over 260 days, we then take our first breath, where independent consciousness enters our body, allowing communication between the spirit world and the world of form. The WIND is akin to the hollow bamboo, seeing our vessels as the pure channel of spirit. The WIND, the messenger from the world of spirit to the world of form, the breath. IK

As we take our first breath, and become the vessel for spirit to communicate through, the eyes then close as we attune to the world around us – the collective subconscious dream we are born into. The in-tuition is activated, the tuition from within. The NIGHTS intuition is connected to the dreaming within our planet, Gaia, abundance for all – the earth providing all that is needed. The distortion of materialism, greed and favouring analytic mind, has resulted in lack and the reduction of earths abundant resource. Let us allow intuition to show us how to live sustainably with our planet, restoring abundance for all to live the dream we are here for. AKBAL

With intuition activated, we emerge from deep within the soil of the collective dreamscape, as the SEED targeting its potential of flowering into a life of abundance with all beings. In the beginning of our planet this was the time when the vegetation was created. Growing in awareness, ever focusing and evolving towards the potentised dream it can become. The SEEDs distortion is false spirituality which asks us to release our flowering awareness to an outer authority. We are all born from the desire to SEED. KAN

As we target flowering awareness, the instinct for survival is potentised, activating energy into pure life force. The SERPENT is our capacity to react instinctively from a primal place of survival, our base nature of fight or flight in order to live, leaping before looking. Pure, intense life force connected to our base chakra. Instinctual, intense and raw, the direct experience of life itself, our sexuality. Reprogram sex taboo and celebrate sex as a vital and alive part of life force. SERPENT represents the birth of the first animals on the planet. CHICCHAN

As we instinctively survive within the full force of life, we naturally face death as a constant. WORLDBRIDGER befriends death as a bridge between worlds, surrendered to the opportunity to come and go. Sensing non-attachment people trust the worldbridger and share stories which are in turn humbly shared onward, serving to weave the webs, effortlessly creating networks that equalise experience between people. The distortion here is death fear, let us regain control of our lives, celebrating death as the opportunity to let go , learning to say ‘it is a good day to die’, inviting journeys into unknown worlds. CIMI

After passing through death and equalising opportunity, the HAND knows that death takes us at any moment, and sets about accomplishing as much as possible, this is the time to be active. The HAND emerges connected to the source with hands of light, gathering knowledge of deeper layers of consciousness in order to heal. Although the HANDs accomplishments are many, it does not know itself as accomplished, for there is always more to know, accomplish and heal, before our time comes. MANIK

As we heal, accomplish and gather knowledge, we now create. The STAR is the artist, always beautifully elegant. Inspired by the elegance of the natural world, it has a refined sense of aesthetics, reflecting the divine proportions of nature. It is akin to Steiner art. The STAR works to harmonise disharmony by finding the beauty in every moment, living in beautiful spaces that creatively reflect right placement, inspiring art. Here is the epitome of the ‘Time is Art’–ist. LAMAT

When life is elegantly artful, surrounded by natural beauty, our sensitivity expands, and our nerve endings become open antennae. This is the natural state for the MOON, it acts as a filter, purifying energy through its nervous system. Connected to the field of universal water, it is sensitive to the flow of energy. MOON people live near water, with the need to purify often. As a filter, the MOON needs to realise that not all it feels is its own, so it can easily ‘go with the flow’. MULUC

As we purify and realise ourselves as part of the flow of lifes’ universal water, it encourages our heart to open, and love to be shared. The DOG is loyal and available as family for friendships with all its relations, realising dependence as part of life, often attracting those that others push away, through its capacity to see the love that is beyond the patterns in every being. This is the loyal devoted friend, there in lifes ups & downs. The feminine aspect of God through the eyes of other. OC

When we feel loved and our heart is open, with loyal friends, a sense of play and light heartedness develops, trust in the magic of life is born. The MONKEY is the childlike nature, full of joy and wonder, the trickster naturally pushing boundaries, playing with the real and unreal, seen and unseen illusions of life. Loving theatre, music, language, MONKEYS are creative & make good teachers through their insistence on pushing previously conceived boundaries. The Dolphin spirit. CHUEN

As we play with the magic of illusion, we gain experience and grow in wisdom. We realise how to influence life through the use of our free will. The HUMANs wise choices influence it to learn deeply from lifes experience, leading it to eventually recognise the ultimate wisdom of aligning its free will with the greater will of awakened consciousness. It then becomes truly influential its wisdom is noticed and others come for advice. The HUMAN may then dive deeper into the ancient wisdom paths of our ancestors. EB

As we are influenced to align our free will to wisdom, we begin to explore consciousness further, expanding and awakening further into unknown space. This is the 13th (of 20) universal truths, where we realise our ability to explore vast spaces, with the SKYWALKER travelling and awakening to new possibilities. Distorted by those interested in subservient sleepy masses, the 13 has been branded unlucky and superstitious with energy awakened by the 13th truth portrayed as airy fairy and hocus pocus, misguiding from the truth that awakening to multi- dimensional spaces is part of our birthright & evolution. BEN

The vast spaces explored, initiating wakefulness, are then anchored into form. The WIZARD is receptive to anchoring multi-dimensional spaces, entering into timeless states of consciousness. In this stillness the WIZARD is enchanted, an unobscured meditative anchor. The shaman, WIZARD, priestess is receptive to vast spaces of timeless enchantment allowing others to also explore & awaken. IX

Once we are receptive and enchanted by timeless spaces, our mind becomes open to the creative visions of the bigger picture. The EAGLE eye opens and wonderful creative ideas are born as mindful answers to the next steps in our collective evolution. The EAGLE stands back to observe life, where as the visionary it attains perspective and insight, receiving the greater picture that serves to evolve our minds consciously & creatively. MEN

As the mind receives the latest creative vision, we begin to question the intelligence of present states of consciousness, and move fearlessly forward towards the evolving vision that was seen. The WARRIOR fearlessly takes on the vision as its mission, questioning all that seems unintelligible and in the way of the natural evolution of consciousness. It steps where others fear to tread and is known for its capacity to tenaciously hold on to its mission despite all obstacles. CIB

As we intelligently question our previous fears, we begin to experience the synchronicities that help us navigate our path of evolution. The EARTH has a finely attuned sense of direction and movement through time and space, aided by listening to the messages of animals and elements that navigate the way. No maps are needed, as keen senses are awake and listening to navigate synchronicity and the cycles evolving through time. CABAN

As we navigate the synchronicities and evolve, we begin to reflect upon the endless cyclical order of consciousness and learn to judge realities as true or untrue. The MIRROR brings a direct unrelenting reflection of life, directly revealing polarities and imbalances. It has the capacity to create the temple of truth based on balanced order through the art of right placement inspiring endless flows of energy. Any imbalance encountered by the MIRROR is cut with the sword, restoring order. ETZNAB

As endless reflections reveal order, so all obstacles to energy flow are released, and we become self-generating catalysts allowing change and transformation thru the shear volume of energy that is freely moving. The STORM is the catalyst, the change agent, energy self-generated building upon itself, radical shift free of restricting concepts and limitations. CAUAC

As the self-generating energy builds we become catalysts, to transform and become one with the Universal Fire of life, enlightened sparks of pure energy, at one with the source. The SUN shines brightly, enlightening all around it, complete in itself, yet non-discriminatingly shining upon all life. AHAU Here we return to Source, to begin the cycle of creation anew…



And so we journey through the Creation Story every 20 days, evolving, spinning and awakening!

The invitation here is to track the days and become aligned in Natural Time. Trusting the evolution as it flows through us, allowing us to lie as we are born to live in complete connection with the COSMOS!

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