Dreamspell Mayan MagicTo find the Energy of the Day, follow the instructions below for today or any date. You can search for one of the many daily entries I have written over 4 years on this site, relating to that energy, or you can simply scroll down and click on any previous date I have written about. ALTERNATIVELY if you would like to discover the Wavespell (13-day cycle) Search for e.g. RED MOON WAVESPELL or any other Wavespell you are called to explore. An entry on that whole Wavespell will appear, for your contemplation…

Although these entries may not be written for a particular day you are searching for, they are written for a day back in time that holds that same Kin or Energy of that Day… They are written for 1 Kin of the 260 that comes back once or twice every year, and they will carry the same base frequency of the Energy of that Day… The rest is up to you! The suggestion is to feel into the latest evolution of this energy, feeling into the day, and allow it to inform you… Alternatively you can do the same for any Kin number, Wavespell or signature you want to explore – your birthday, anothers birthday, etc… You can also look for a combined kin day, when you add two peoples signature together… You can see this on the 1320sync app… You can enter the date of any day that is special to you, including your own birth date on a previous year, to contemplate the learning of that year…



A galaxy seems to rise like a sun through a natural sandstone arch in this digital composite. The galaxy is M31, the Great Galaxy in Andromeda. The image of the Andromeda Galaxy was taken using a Cassegrain 14.5" at f/8. --- Image by © Tony Hallas/Science Faction/Corbis

Image by © Tony Hallas/Science Faction/Corbis

To dive deeper into this, check out the short videos on my youtube channel… Where we are in the process of making short videos every day on the days energy… So far around 40 vids of the 260 have been made… Perhaps yours is in there!

Feel free to comment, or leave a message if you feel to engage… Quest-i-ons are welcome!

Enjoy the journey!




Start Exploring

1. Find your Galactic Signature

Start by finding the Galactic Signature for any given date. This is called ‘decoding’. Test for yourself the validity of Dreamspell Mayan Astrology by following the next steps from here...

2. Search the Archives

Place the Kin number into the Search panel below (or anytime from the menu) and receive the revelations offered in the archives, through the codes of this mystical and profound system…

3. Discover Your Wavespell

3. Find which 13-day cycle or WAVESPELL this is in. (If on iPhone download 13:20sync App, or on other phones any Dreamspell App) The Wavespell is a clear look under the microscope into your way of being and reveals Purpose and Life Path. These apps are also excellent for following the days and slowly learning the order as it reveals itself through your own experience. You are also sent a FREE 13 MOON AGENDA pdf to track time, when you book in for a Session.

4. Decode Any Date!

4. Decode any date relevant to you and explore the wonder… eg. your family birthdays, an event, your partner… Just enter the date and find the Galactic Signature for that day… Place the Kin number in the Search field above, and receive writings on that particular Kin day, contemplate what is revealed…

Explore the Archives!

This site is full of archives written daily over 5 years, to attune you to each of the 260-days of the Tzolkin (Count of Light/Days). These archives are the holy grail of DreamSpell Mayan Astrology. that reveal the evolution of TIME, the fixed order of the Universe, where we are the consciousness that flows through and evolves that order!

Blue Lunar Storm, Kin 119, June 6 2018

A call out today to my dear friends Elah & Ausierra. Two inspiring Rainbow Warriors sharing there love of the Earth and the awakening through music and ceremony... They anchored Cacao Ceremonies in Bali every week for a couple of years in Bali, activating a...

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Find Any Day!

To read about any day... Go to 'Find Your Signature', it will open up our Motherships website page and there you enter the Gregorian (12-month calendar) date for the day you are looking for...   Find the Kin number for that day… Return to this site and go to the...

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