Links – Mother Site of all things Law of Time, Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South

TimeWaves – the Evolution Revolution – This sites Facebook page

Dreamspell Theatre – Vasumis Sacred Dreamspell Theatre site, feel free to invite us to festivals and events to Galactivate the New Time! – the 1320 community portal – Red Queen/Stephanie Souths blog

A website that sells 13 Moon very Artful Wall Calendars for the past 20 years Eden Sky – the new paradigm

Meta History – A radical site with the true her-story of our Planet!!! Love this site – Divine Alchemy with Mercury and Light Pulses, thank you Anita Carlyon

Elah & Ausierra – Wonderful friends dedicated to the Earth through activating Tribal Awakening

Jarah Tree – Dear brother rocking the world with his gypsy spirit, art and music