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(July 26 2017-July 25 2018)

This is YOUR Mayan Dreamspell workbook or 13 Moon Journal for the remaining of this year till July 25 2018! Downloadable as a pdf only!

Receive a FREE pdf of this book with any Personal Session between now and the end of the 13 Moon year!

Daily planners are based on the Mayan Dreamspell. This is the year of YELLOW CRYSTAL SEED. Each Moon includes a one page overall view of the whole Moon, an Art page, plus day-keeping pages to journal in. This Synchronometer carries a practical layout designed to anchor you deeply into receiving the NEW thru tracking SYNCHRONICITY!

This is an Art Journal, featuring art by Hope Medford (awesome drummer of Nahko and Medicine for the People), Eve-Marie RoyGabriel LeonardEmma GarrardCharlotte VictoriaJulie OJasmin JefferysBrunella Pisani, , and …  Thank you all for your awesome contributions.



Get a FREE downloadable 13 Moon Synchronometer when you purchase a Dreamspell Mayan Reading & Teaching 90 Minute Session! Just select “Dreamspell Session with FREE 13 Moon Journal PDF” in the options above. This session shares a deeper understanding of the base matrix of the Mayan Dreamspell as it applies to you personally. It gives you the basic tools to follow the natural harmonic matrix (Tzolkin) held within this 13 Moon Synchronometer for yourself… Helping you to explore and create a more free life, by understanding and releasing the base disharmonic matrix of the power-over ‘Time is Money’ paradigm! It is the beginning of your journey to true abundance, following the ancient future codes of ‘Time IS Art’, where we begin to come into deeper alignment with the Earths natural harmony!

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