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Would you like to recognise your Soul Purpose?

Would you like to understand the meaning of your life, as it relates to your Planetary Mission?

With deep empathy and strong intuition, Vasumi guides your journey to UNCOVER SOUL CONTRACTS. She has been assisting people in this way for 30 years, shining the light deep into the Souls Essence and the Path you are here to walk. Guiding you to see for yourself, that which has always been calling you.

We will work together with the love of the creator, to open our eyes wide to the vastness of your innate consciousness. The codes of Soul & Dreamspell Mayan Astrology serve to guide us…


Soul Sessions are shared online via Zoom or Skype, they are recorded and sent via web. Recorded in-person sessions, also available.

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I am a midwife, holding open the doors to the life you always wanted to live!

Be uplifted and inspired by finally being recognised AS YOU ARE… Clarifying your Life Lessons and Contracts… Revealing your Purpose, Tracking Life Cycles to access the Joy of Infinite Potential… Welcome to the New Paradigm…

Of the Soul Sessions below, the ‘Reading & Teaching 90 Min’  shares a deeper understanding of the base matrix of DREAMSPELL MAYAN ASTROLOGY, as it applies to you personally. It gives you the basic tools to follow the natural harmonic matrix (Tzolkin) for yourself… It is the beginning of your journey, encouraging you to follow a magical life of Synchronicity, to LIVE ‘Time IS Art’!


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Mayan Dreamspell Astrology uplifts and inspires by gifting the recognition of your Purpose and Contracts for this life. Recognizing You, AS YOU ARE. Clarifying your Life Lessons and Contracts. Revealing your Purpose. Tracking Life Cycles…

These tools – the Mayan Dreamspell and Astrology reflect your essence from different perspectives. Therefore offering well-rounded insight to all that you are…

From receiving these teachings as a Personal Reading, finding your place in the world, you can go on to track the Mayan Dreamspell daily. Consequently you will witness the Synchronicity in your life multiply a-thousand-fold. There is magic all around us, if only we have the eyes to see…


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Session Options

Reading & Teaching 90 Min, Dreamspell & Astrology 120 Min, Transit D'Spell & Astro Reading


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Delve deep into inherited patterns as we explore the 3D world of karma and transformation with Soul Astrology…

Natal charts are consulted. Revealing life-long patterns, themes that are running and contracts your Soul agreed to pre-incarnation. We look to the  the best ways to transform them…

Transits and Progressions unveil deeper understanding of present-day experiences in your life. Get a bigger picture of your Souls current evolutionary learnings, in order to accept them and live in grace and serenity, no matter what is going on…

Synastry and Composite charts focus on relationships. Synastry focuses on how the two Souls get on and their compatibility over time. Composite charts focus on the third entity of the relationship itself, the combined purpose, and the potential and challenges of the relationship…

AstroCartography offers to explore 3 places on the planet and their effects on you… Different places bring out different aspects of ourselves. E.g. a stay at a Sun IC place feels like home, a place for us to shine; Saturn MC places encourage work, discipline and a capacity to be acknowledged for that. Venus DS brings love etc etc… We can explore places where you now live, are thinking of traveling to, or have traveled to… We can also look at places where impactful people in your life are now or have come from. Or simply places that just hold an attraction for you.


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Session Options

Natal Chart 60 Min, Astrocartography 45 Min, Transits/Synastry/Composite 90 Min, Astro & Dreamspell 120 Min


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Vasumi’s Experience

Vasumi has 21 years experience exploring Mayan codes and 30 years exploring Soul Astrology and Tarot… She has explored the work of White Tantra for the past 10 years, immersing deeply in it over a period of 1 year with daily practices. Vasumi is also investigating Human Design, Gene Keys, I Ching, Runes and other metaphysical systems of magic. She has decoded thousands of people with the Tzolkin of the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.. Each being under the intensity of her magnifying glass in quest-i-oning the reality of these codes, or not…

A thousand times and again, supported by her deep intuitive focus, the codes have revealed powerful, subtle depths of reality, serving to bring Souls home to their most Natural and Essential Being… Truths are reflected, through these magical codes, coupled with Vasumis in-tuition. Truths that support folk to live the lives they were born to live, unique magical lives fuelled by the heArts calling…

This work is offered to you, to uncover your essence, your learnings, your teachings, your MASTERY and the reason you are here in this divine design of consciousness awakening…

“My passion for the depth of this harmonic system has grown over the years, as it reveals realities of consciousness doing itself through us, in harmonic patterns of greater and greater depth. I love sharing these codes through sessions, workshops, webinairs, sacred theatre and myriad other ways, in order to allow this guidance to reach far and wide and initiate the New Time… Opening doors to magical ways of living on this planet in harmony with all of life… Wonderful revelations that guide us to live the lives we were born to, magically in sync with all life… Unleashed from the disharmonic matrix.”

– Vasumi on the codes of Dreamspell Mayan Astrology