About Vasumi & TimeWaves


From 22 years of deeply and intimately exploring the harmonic matrix, through the Mayan Calendar, understanding through experience the enlightenment process, Vasumi shares her quest.

Revelations received over the past 35 years of diligently exploring the real and unreal, have enabled her to embrace a totally new paradigm, having its roots in the harmonic web of all of life. Her experiences with the Tzolkin, of the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar, have proved this foundation as the basis for living the experience of Natural Time. Time devoted to living a magical life of Synchronicity.


Her daily blog of 3 years over 2012-15, based on the r-evolving energies of each day, are an archive of her revelations throughout that time. With this amazing tool, she poked and prodded at this timeless system, uncovering its foundational messages. Coming to know it as a guide to humanity, as we walk collectively forward, as enlightening rEvolutionaries.

Vasumi offers her Workshops, Lectures and Sacred Theatre at workshops and festivals throughout Australasia. Send her a message if there is a place you would like her to share this Sacred Wisdom

Emerald Tablets, Tablet X – the Tablet of Time

Know ye that mystery is only mystery
when it is knowledge unknown to man.
When ye have plumbed the heart of all mystery,
knowledge and wisdom will surely be thine.
Seek ye and learn that TIME is the secret
whereby ye may be free of this space.



This site is here to guide you through these changing times, as we navigate our way, from one world to another…

It is based on the Dreamspell Mayan Calendar system, with its foundation in the Mayan Calendar of the Yucatec region of southern Mexico and also on the Olmec teachings which pre-date the Maya… This system is especially helpful at this time, when we are asked to release attachment to all things that do not support the shift into a more conscious way of living. We are asked to live more inter-connected with all life, in alignment with our Mother Earth and indeed all of consciousness…

ENERGY OF THE DAY Daily Videos and Postingss
Vasumi, Kin 71, Blue Rhythmic Monkey, shares writings and videos through her Facebook page, Youtube channel and Instagram account, which serve to track Conscious Evolution daily. Encouraging exploration and expansion of the edges of our daily life and a deeper trusting that we are ‘on track’. By playing with the magic of this harmonic system, balance can be found, through listening to heart inner-sense. Allowing ‘Self’ (cell-f) to push the boundaries of outmoded thought-prisons and power-over paradigms, initiating the magic of living with the natural harmonies, revealed through synchronicity, that underly all of life…









Vasumi came to the Dreamspell through Ramana Maharshi, after she received the grace of Source consciousness, through his disciple, Annamalai Swami.

Guided to return to NZ from India, synchronicity led her to a workshop, teaching the structure of this harmonic system. With recognition of the system, she realised she was here to share it, guiding others. She continually explores, tests and challenges the Tzolkin. Yet it still reflects her experience of Source! Revealing a daily order, which can be experienced, should we have the heart to feel, the eyes to see and the ears to listen, openly and with the intent of experimentation, by laying aside pre-conceived knowing… It is from this place that ENERGY OF THE DAY videos are shared each day on Facebook, fueling this ongoing exploration…

She encourages you not to take this work as the ‘be all and end all’ of consciousness, nor to identify too deeply with ones signature, in the knowing that we are all an ‘everything’. You are encouraged to  embody infinite potential, with the knowing that this tool can be used to unlock the old paradigms hold over the collective. Opening and beckoning the logical mind through the doorway, to embrace the unknowable…

DISCLAIMER: No responsibility is taken for the individual whose urge for meaning in life, encourages them to turn to this as another box of identification. What is encouraged here is to explore this as a tool, a guide to disentangThe Yoga of Synchronicity: Mayan Astrology with Vasumile from the false identification of the independent ‘I’, no matter how REAL it appears. Feel free to use these sharings as a doorway, to your own exploration of the infinite harmonies of the omniverse, of which we are all intimately connected…