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What is the Mayan Dreamspell?

A Living System of 260 Days/Kins/Light Pulses. A Harmonic Matrix cycling infinitely thru Time! Tzolkin. Tzol – to Count, Kin – Light/Day

Each Kin is 1 of 20 pulses/glyphs/archetypes/ universal truths + 1 of 13 actions/tones. 13 x 20 = 260 days from conception to birth. 

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1. Find Your Galactic Signature

Begin by finding Your Galactic Signature & Kin Number or the same for any Given Date. e.g. Friends, Family, Events. This is called 'Decoding'.

(Can also be found on iPhone 13:20Sync App. On Android any Dreamspell App)


2. Search the Archives

This Website Shares 5 years of Archives of the 260-Kin of the Tzolkin of the Mayan Dreamspell. These Archives are the Holy Grail of Mayan Dreamspell Astrology! Enter Kin Number below and receive revelations!

Continue to Quest-I-On the Mayan Dreamspell by following the next steps...

3. Discover Your Wavespell

To Dive Deeper book a Personal Session to Explore the Wavespell (13-Day Cycle) of Your Kin. Revealing Your Purpose, Support, Hidden Mastery and Challenging Energies for your Life, Your Current Year + Your Current 13-Year Cycle!

4. Learn the System

Learn the Foundations of the Mayan Dreamspell in order to Create a more Sustainable Life in Tune with the Natural Order with TimeWaves Webinars. Included is a PDF Workbook + a 13 Moon Synchronometer to Download.

To Explore Further…

Are you Ready to Embark on Deep Enquiry into Essence and Purpose? Receiving Clarity on Your Place in Lifes Divine Order.

With our First Breath of Life/Light at Birth, is Received our Personal Blueprint. A Foundational Pulse of Consciousness, ones Lfe is Built Upon. Revealing a Cornucopia of Information Harmonically Woven Through ones Life. Would you like to Explore Your Unique Weave?

Each Year Around the Sun Gifts a Solar Return, the Birthdays Pulse Reveals the Evolutionary Learning for that Year!

The Mayan Dreamspell tracks ones Evolution through the Synchronicity of TIME!

Be Guided To and Through this Learning.

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“Vasumi is a brightly shining, multi-faceted and wisdom-packed force of nature! She bridges her depth of knowledge with an unusual lightness of being. If you’ve been called to knock on her door for insight and guidance, you won’t regret it.” – Rosy Aronson PhD
‘Vasumi appeared magically on important crossroads in my life and helped me find new choices, by allowing me to experience my own divine being, within the realm of the Mayan DreamSpell Calendar. In fact, all sessions with her have been quite life-changing and deeply meaningful for me. Vasumi’s ability to transcend the matrix of our conditioned reality is incredibly unique.”. – Juliane Wothe
‘There are no words to express Vasumi’s wisdom, passion, excitement, and wealth of experience. Our encounter might have been by “chance” but in reality she has become one of the only few mentors in my life that I trust, respect and who actually understands everything happening within me, my ever evolving life. I deeply value her readings because it allows me to focus, to understand the change happening from within, and puts me on the right path to taking the right kind of action.” – Sumera Ahsan Sheikh

Tracking Time Codes Workbook

What Is It? 

Discover the Time Codes that order our Universe. Learn to Track the Time Codes that evolve and enlighten our consciousness. Be abreast of the game as it is happening through us. This is a workbook that reveals the structures that bring awareness to the Science of Synchronicity. Embracing the balanced perspective of both right and left hemispheres of the brain, to free our minds from outdated colonial thinking, in order to evolve in the now. 

What Can I Do With It?  

This Workbook teaches you to Track Synchronicity and comprehend your part in the weave and weft of life.  Based on the teachings of the ‘Law of Time‘ and the work of Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South.  It accompanies the ‘13 Moon Synchronometer‘ created over the past 14 years by Vasumi Zjikaa.

Book Cover

13 Moon Synchronometer 2020-2021

What Is It?

An Agenda/Journal/Calendar that reveals the codes of Natural Time each day. Leading to greater Synchronicity! Learning to live authentically, coded by the Cosmos!

What Can I Do With It?

Learn the Mayan Dreamspell System by simple immersion, elegantly tracking each day. Writing your Revelations and Noting Powerful Days in your life. Immerse in ‘Living the Harmonic Matrix’ as an experiment of the New Culture. Learn the Galactic Signature of Friends and Family. And so Much More……

Each Year begins on July 26. Blue Lunar Storm Year is the second in a 13-year Cycle of anchoring in the Divine Feminine, coded by the Mayan Dreamspell Tzolkin.

Mayan DreamSpell

Astropoetics for the Soul!

Explore purpose and passion, gifts & challenges as you expand into the codes of the Mayan DreamSpell. Be guided to live a magical life fueled by synchronicity. A life aligning deeply with your soul!

In divine service, co-create a better life for yourself and all beings by stepping into the realms of pure MAGIC. Realise why you are Here!

Explore the ‘Story of Creation’ via the 20 Tribes

This is Part 1 of 4, view more on my youtube channel


NZ Spirit Festival – March 4-7, 2021 – Auckland

I am excited to present at NZ Spirit Festival with a workshop called Mayan Matrix, where we will collectively explore the Tzolkin of the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. These workshops are always interactive and based in Sacred Theatre, so please come ready to participate,...

Creation Story

  The 20 Tribes represent the Creation Story. Each tribe connects sequentially to the tribe before and the tribe after in the cycle of evolution. By recognising each of the 20 Tribes as interconnected Universal Truths representing a Universal Cycle of...

Mayan Dreamspell Webinar 2 this week

Join us in this Mayan Dreamspell Webinar and learn the 20 Universal Truths that govern TIME! Learn 13 Steps to Manifestation and beyond.

Learn to Track Natural Time

In these Webinars, you will receive clear guidance on tracking the cycles of your life, simply. By devoting 5 mins a day, bringing awareness of each days energy, you are gifted contemplative revelation. Learn how to 'decode' yourself and the people in your life,...

Latest Posts

‘IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE’ – White Worldbridger Wavespell

The story of telling stories through the 13-day cycle of the Worldbridger we are now in…

NZ Spirit Festival – March 4-7, 2021 – Auckland

I am excited to present at NZ Spirit Festival with a workshop called Mayan Matrix, where we will collectively explore the Tzolkin of the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. These workshops are always interactive and based in Sacred Theatre, so please come ready to participate,...

Kin 119: Blue Lunar Storm, Happy New Year 2020

This year of Blue Lunar Storm, anchors our capacity to reflect the truth, by being willing to trust the transformation of energy that accompanies realignment... Strong physical energy catalyses change as we play with the edges of previous boundaries to reveal their...

Day Out Of Time & TimeShift 2020

What Times we are in... We are approaching the end of the first year of the 13-year cycle of the Divine Feminine, initiated last July 26, 2019 with White Magnetic Wizard, and this coming weekend with be Day Out Of Time on White Magnetic Mirror, July 25 Saturday, and...


‘IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE’ – White Worldbridger Wavespell

The story of telling stories through the 13-day cycle of the Worldbridger we are now in…

13 STEPS TO WISDOM – Yellow Human Wavespell

The Story of the Yellow Human… 1 Purpose – Free Will, Wisdom, Influence 2 Stabilise – Explore, Awaken, Expand 3 Activate – Receptivity, Enchant, Timelessness 4 Define – Vision, Create, Mind 5 Empower – Intelligence, Fearlessness, Quest-i-on 6 Balance – Evolve,...

Red Dragon Wavespell, Kins 1-13

Great to be back with you! Today we begin a whole new Tzolkin cycle at Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon, prepares for a 13-day cycle to birth the DIVINE FEMININE. Today is a portal day, where the dimensional doorways are OPEN - birthing new energy, activating the 260-day...

Yellow Sun Wavespell 4, Kin 40-52

Welcome to the Wavespell of Enlightenment, a time to connect direct to Source… A time to shine brightly, independent (the in-deep-end-dance) and sovereign… Yellow Magnetic Sun, Kin 40 Today as always at the beginning of a cycle, we attract the new frequency that...

Sacred Knowledge

The Dreamspell is a Mayan Calendar. Hidden from view, in the depths of temples overgrown by jungle, in Palenque, Mexico, from 682AD to 1952AD

The Maya of the 600s, perceived that a colonising force (the Spanish in this instance) was coming. And that the Wisdom that the Maya held so sacred, would be destroyed…

An elaborate tomb was built, to house both the energy and codes of the Sacred Knowledge and the body of Pacal Votan, the leader of that time..

It is now at this pivotal point in TIME, that this Ancient Future Wisdom can assist us to reclaim our sovereignty.

Energy of the Day & Short Explanation

Down To Earth Metaphysical Musings Podcast 

Welcome to TimeWaves Introductory Podcast where Vasumi shares the Down-to-Earth Magic of Metaphysical Codes tracked over a lifetime! 

Calling on 35 years of exploration and tracking of metaphysical codes via many different systems, including Mayan Dreamspell, Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Numerology, Tarot and the Kabbalah to name a few. In this podcast series, Vasumi will share the magic as it comes to her, as well as interviewing other metaphysical muses that are also inspired to track codes to find the deeper meanings of our lives.  

Vasumi delivers in a down-to-earth deep-roots style that encourages the gathering of tribe. Their is deep wisdom in allowing our roots to go deep in order to reach to the stars.  

Here you will be receiving gifts in the guise of meditations, tools, keys and your quest-i-ons and revelations are welcomed. If their Is a topic you would like to know more about, or you would like to share through being interviewed, please do not hesitate to reach out… So happy to share with you through this medium.  

IG @lovevasumi


The Humming Bird Collective Podcast

Listen to an inspiring interview with ‘The Hummingbird Collective’ and Hannah Vela, an inspiring Creatrix,  mystical artist and beautiful natural being, originally from Melbourne. She is passionate about themes around Female Empowerment, sacred sexuality, nature and purely anything that provokes the imagination

Hannah brought out the best in me and my story, recognising each other as elemental souls. We also go in depth into the activation in these times, in relation to CoVid19 and how on higher dimensions it is offering us a time of change, to reformulate, to call in and live the lives we were born to live. To honour the feminine and receptivity.

This is a highly activated interview, and I am sincerely grateful to Hannah who also has contributed a wonderful art piece to this years 13 Moon Synchronometer. Catch her on Instagram at @_hannahvela_

Seekers Library Podcast

 Another interesting and enjoyable Podcast was with the wonderful Ravyn Star of ‘Seekers Library‘. Ravyn has been highly inspired to share a lot of interviews that explore the Metaphysical Arts, eg the Mayan Dreamspell, Gene Keys, Human Design, Astrology and more. 

ABOUT SEEKERS LIBRARY: 🌟Join the World-Bridging Network of Truth Seekers here on Seekers Library🌟 Seekers Library explores tools to cultivate self-awareness and the development of our highest human potential.✨ DISCOVERY🌟AWARENESS🌟EXPANSION 

ABOUT RAYVN STAR: Rayvn Star is the host of Seekers Library. She is a wizard synthesizer, transformational guide, initiator, and mystic in service to a global conscious evolution.

📝 – Contact Ravyn Star.  Follow Ravyn on – ➤ : – Facebook;   🌟New Facebook Group:                ➤ : – Instagram: @SeekersLibrary ➤ : – Twitter: SeekersLibrary


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