Good morning Kin… May we be open to c0-creating beauty today… the epitome of what it is to listen to one another and the Earth… May our minds sprout new potentials of harmonic thought connected the natural rhythms and syncronicitys of the Earth…

May we integrate the seeding of the New Time as we integrate our minds into the harmonic matrix of galactic consciousness…

Today we are supported to do this by the Galactic Eagle guided by the Storm… the integration through our far-seeing eye to allow the flow of change needed as we purify the thought forms of the old paradigm, dismantling and releasing identification thought by thought by thought…

Todays challenge that can strengthen us is Galactic Wizard guided by the Mirror, to reflect upon the receptive still mind, anchored as a true mirror to all that comes to it… Healing any attachment to old knowledge that may reek of building importance for the identity of the outmoded ‘expert’… for we are all the experts of our own and our collective reality… is just to go inside, receive guidance and know!

Todays hidden gift is Rhythmic Earth… finding balance through the connection to ancient wisdom that tells us to listen to our Earth allies… to listen and track the synchronicitys that come to meet us… To walk, to track… to listen to the Earths cycles and see the changes all around us, as we take one step in front of the other on the time-worn trails that lead to this moment that has never occurred before… We are the ones we have been waiting for!





What does this mean for you personally?

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