And so we have begun the 13-day cycle of the Red Moon, giving access to the Pure Consciousness beyond the disharmonic overlay of the conditioning of control and slave-making… Open yourself to this and trust the brilliance that flows through you in these 13 days… Cleansing and clearing old conditioning, especially if you remain open to going with the flow… Time to jump into the flow of the New Time and live the life you have always wanted to…

As I have already written of this cycles extensively, I offer you the link to those past writings here Red Moon Wavespells

And here a video shared this morning of Blue Electric Monkey, the second day of dimensional doorways being open to receive divine activations, pouring through from the pure consciousness available to us all… Gracias Venus…

Sending you all much love and flow in this cycle of purity…

In lak’ech



What does this mean for you personally?

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  • Learn the codes that lead to your essential wisdom. Clouded by colonized conditioning, see through the mists to your Innate Wisdom. Be equipped each day to follow the flow of synchronicity and walk the path of your own revelation. Click this Link for guidelines that spell it out easily.
  • Be guided to your Hero/ine's journey. Attune to the depths of your ESSENCE.  By clicking on this LINK. 
  • Track the codes daily with your 13 Moon Sychronometer, a calendar book in hand, to journal and witness the honesty of each days unfolding magic.
  • Track the days and decode your people, by downloading the 13:20Sync App (iphone) or a Dreamspell App (android)