Advanced Mayan Dreamspell Webinar


A TimeWaves Webinar

a 7-week online TimeWaves Advanced Mayan Dreamspell Webinar Exploring Time

We will explore the origins of Time, traveling through world-views, cultural conditioning and cosmological perspectives. Exploring how the natural world embodies and maps Time. The difference between 3-D and 4-D Time. How the web of consciousness evolves as it Travels through Time. Creating Art as the doorway into the dimension of pure Time?

Explore the capturing, measuring and experiencing of elemental, mystical and conceptual aspects of Time. This is an invitation to respond to our own relationship to Time as well as question how we value the Time of this present moment.

This is a first step training towards teaching an advanced perception of Time for the coming generations. A step through the doorway to experiencing the possibilities of a New Time, informed and activated with a command and deep understanding of the Essence of Time…

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The exchange will be a sliding scale. A percentage goes towards the ongoing work of the Foundation for the Law of Time.



1st Class         The Beginning of Time

–           Explore original human perceptions of Time

–           Time & Consciousness, Time & the Mind

–           Calendars original and modern day uses

–           Art and the Culture of Time

–           The Mythos of Time

–           Cultural Conditioning

–           Lunar Cycle 13 and 3-D Telling of Time

–           Societies that hold 13 as their foundation for Telling Time

–           Solar Cycle – 365 days of Seasons, Solstices & Equinoxes

–           13 Moon versus 12 Month Calendars

–           Applications of 13 Moon Calendar today

–           7, 13, 28 – Patterns of Time in the Mind


Mayan Calendar2nd Class       Mayan Calendar – History & Structure

–           The Mayan Calendar & the Americas

–           Medicine Wheel, Chakana & Flower of Life

–           Mayan Calendars throughout Central America

  •           Stories told, Realities experienced

–           TIME embedded in Palenque, Alberto Ruiz & Jose Arguelles

–           Mayan Calendar base matrix

–           Societies that hold 13 & 20 as their foundation matrix

  •           365 days of the Haab


Tzolkin3rd Class        Dreamspell & Tzolkin Mechanics

–           Time as a Frequency & the Synchronic Order

–           Divine Blueprint of the 13/20 Harmonic Matrix

–           260 Rays of Light

–           Getting in the Groove – Tracking Daily Time

–           13 Tones – Wavespells & Pulsars

–           20 Glyphs –Solar Codes

–           Decoding Galactic Signatures

–           20 Archetypes, Universal Truths & 13 Actions

–           Cosmology of Time – Creation Story thru 20

–           Human and Planetary Holons

–           4 Root Races, 4 Colours, 4 Galactic Seasons & 4 Clans

–           5 Earth Families, 5 Castles, 7 Directions, 52 Chromatics & 65 Harmonics


Kin 1144th Class        The Oracle

–           Calculating Personal oracles

–           Daily Watches

–           Lunar, Solar and Galactic Cycles

–           Destiny Castle, 4 x 13-Year cycles

–           Sirius, 52-Year cycle & the Age of the Elder


5th Class          Peace through Culture

–           Planet of Peace/Planet of War

–           Visions for a New Earth

–           Collective Mind Meditations

–           The Grand Experiment of the Rainbow Bridge

  •           Participate – Create a Planetary Rainbow

–           Master Time Molecules & the 7-day Week

–           Synchrogalactic Yoga & Plasma Cube Technology

–           24 Elder Futhark Runes – Noospheric Genetic Code


6th Class        Advanced Practises

–           Telektonon – Cosmology of Telepathy

–           Rinri, Psi Bank & the Noosphere

–           64 Codons & UR Runes


7th Class        Defining a New Science

  •           Planetary Archetypes – Hunab Ku 21

–           Synchronotron & 441 Cube Matrix

–           4 Matrices – Base, Time, Space & Synchronic

–           Master Co-ordinating Frequemcy

–           7 Mental Spheres

–           Holomind Perceiver – A New Sense Organ

–           Galactic Vocabulary


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