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Tzolkin Astrology of the Galactic Mayan Calendar


The bulk of this website is Archives from years of passionately blogging, in absolute wonder, on each of the days/kin of the Galactic Mayan Calendar. Detailing the 260 day/kin of Tzolkin Astrology and its Harmonic Matrix.

Life’s Galactic Signature

To make the most of this offering, find your Galactic Signature and Wavespell, by entering your date of birth at the Mother Site of the Galactic Mayan Calendar.  Then return here and place in the Search Button –

1. Your Galactic Signature – You will see between 2-4 writings on that days essence, written on the same Kin (most probably during a different year) in the 260-day/kin cycle of Tzolkin Astrology. You will be able to read the essence of the day/Kin you were born, in relation to the harmonic matrix of the Galactic Mayan Calendar. Contemplate, as this may resonate and offer deep meaning to you and your life.

2. Your Wavespell – Serving to offer purpose and direction to your life. As you contemplate revelations come thick and fast.

A Year’s Galactic Signature

Now again visit our Mother Site, and find the Galactic Signature and Wavespell that corresponds to the date of your last birthday. Again add to the Search –

3. Your Galactic Signature for this year – Contemplate what you read in relation to your experience of this year. If the year has just begun, know that it takes 260 days (conception to birth), for the learning of the year to be birthed.

4. Your Wavespell for this year – Contemplating this will give added information and meaning to your experience of your year.

Further Steps

Now, if you are moved to take further steps, consider buying the Tracking Time Codes book. You can then explore ever deeper meaning, by learning to track the codes of the Harmonic Matrix of Tzolkin Astrology, for yourself.

You may also consider a Personal Session. Explore your codes within the Galactic Mayan Calendar with Vasumi. She will transmit what she receives within your codes, at the same time as teaching you how to work with the harmonic matrix, in relation to your Galactic Signature.

MAGIC is AFOOT!!! Blue Monkey Wavespell

Blessings to you divine beings of light, Kin, mi familia… Today we begin the light reprieve of the 13-day Blue Monkey Wavespell, following the intensity of the last month of recent Serpent and Mirror wavespells… The Monkey is magical, playful, innocent and full of...

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White Worldbridger Wavespell, Kin 66-78

HAPPY EQUINOX!! Let us Let go. Let god/dess. Hot on the Skywalker trail Gifted with awakening from our deep slumber Exploring the further reaches of space Now it is Time to open, the Worldbridger, Lord of Death beckons us to let go the old unnecessary to surrender to...

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Red Skywalker Wavespell 5, Kin 53-65

Hi there beloved kin... We are in the beginning of the 5th cycle of 20 x 13-day cycles that make up the 260-day cycle of the Tzolkin, reflecting the cycle from conception to birth, or what is known as 9 months in the way the collective views time... The Tzolkin...

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Blue Hand Wavespell, Kin 27-39

Dear Kin... After a couple of wavespells of traveling and break from the cyber world, I am returning on the morning of this Blue Hand wavespell to connect again and explore the coming Time together... The Blue Hand wavespell is the 3rd of the 20 x 13-day cycles that...

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Blessed be Planetary Kin… And so we enter the 20th and final wavespell of the 260-day Tzolkin or Count of Days… This 13-day Star wavespell  begins with Yellow Magnetic Star attracting the frequencies of harmony, beauty, art and the divine creativity of the...

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Eagle Wavespell, Kin 235-247

Dear friends, welcome to the Eagle wavespell... 13 days of Visioning... 13 days to find new solutions to the old problems... Already I have seen essential oils that can be used instead of plastics... and as we know there are so many solutions to so many of the planets...

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Wind Wavespell cont. Kin 227-230

Hi dear friends of the Earth... Great to walk this path of Spirit with you, in this wonderful Wind Wavespell of channeling Spirit direct, through the mediums of sound, music, dance, communication, prayer and any other iniinite variety of creation that Spirit guides us...

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White Wind Wavespell, Kin 222-226

Hi there dear people... Today we begin the 13-day cycle of the Wind... The cycle of Spirit that it is NOW possible to connect with since we have completed the past 13-day cycle of purification, and wasn't that full on... Most people I know dealt with some form of...

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Red Moon Wavespell, Kin 209-221

Blessed days to all... So today we begin the clean up job of this last cycle which has been one of facing fear and working through the intensity that accompanies that Great Work... Now we enter the Moon cycle, cleansing, sensitive, fluidly accessing the pure...

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Yellow Warrior Wavespell, Kin 196-208

As we enter the Warrior wavespell today, it heralds 13 days where we get to face any fears uncovered in the last 13-day cycle (wavespell) of the Night, where we dove deep to uncover any unconscious fears bound up in limitation... So this cycle is where we get to...

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Blue Night Wavespell – Abundant In-Tuition

Welcome to the 13-day cycle where we get to explore ‘abundance for all beings’! Exploring in-tuition, as the gateway to the dreaming of abundance, that is the unconscious motivation beneath all our actions… The drive to live this dreaming in our awakening world, is...

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White Dog Wavespell, Kin 170-182

Good Morning Planetary Kin... and so another wave spell (13-day cycle) rolls by... This last cycle brought to awareness the rolling cycles of time and synchronicity, allowing space and time to listen for the purest flow in our lives... "When planets are stationary...

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