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Tzolkin Astrology of the Galactic Mayan Calendar


The bulk of this website is Archives from years of passionately blogging, in absolute wonder, on each of the days/kin of the Galactic Mayan Calendar. Detailing the 260 day/kin of Tzolkin Astrology and its Harmonic Matrix.

Life’s Galactic Signature

To make the most of this offering, find your Galactic Signature and Wavespell, by entering your date of birth at the Mother Site of the Galactic Mayan Calendar.  Then return here and place in the Search Button –

1. Your Galactic Signature – You will see between 2-4 writings on that days essence, written on the same Kin (most probably during a different year) in the 260-day/kin cycle of Tzolkin Astrology. You will be able to read the essence of the day/Kin you were born, in relation to the harmonic matrix of the Galactic Mayan Calendar. Contemplate, as this may resonate and offer deep meaning to you and your life.

2. Your Wavespell – Serving to offer purpose and direction to your life. As you contemplate revelations come thick and fast.

A Year’s Galactic Signature

Now again visit our Mother Site, and find the Galactic Signature and Wavespell that corresponds to the date of your last birthday. Again add to the Search –

3. Your Galactic Signature for this year – Contemplate what you read in relation to your experience of this year. If the year has just begun, know that it takes 260 days (conception to birth), for the learning of the year to be birthed.

4. Your Wavespell for this year – Contemplating this will give added information and meaning to your experience of your year.

Further Steps

Now, if you are moved to take further steps, consider buying the Tracking Time Codes book. You can then explore ever deeper meaning, by learning to track the codes of the Harmonic Matrix of Tzolkin Astrology, for yourself.

You may also consider a Personal Session. Explore your codes within the Galactic Mayan Calendar with Vasumi. She will transmit what she receives within your codes, at the same time as teaching you how to work with the harmonic matrix, in relation to your Galactic Signature.

Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey

Good mornin planetary kin... Today is the 11th day of both the 13-day Dragon wavespell and the 260-day Tzolkin spin…  It is also the Galactic Signature of Jose Arguelles, our dear brother who departed this physical form after a life time of dedication to bringing...

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Kin 10: White Planetary Dog

Good morning planetary people... Today is the 10th day of both the Dragon 13-day wavespell and the 260-day Tzolkin… Welcome to the day of love, where birth is is made manifest and there may be gatherings with family, with loved ones, with those that are close to our...

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Kin 5: Red Overtone Serpent

Good Morning ... Today is the 5th day of the Dragon cycle of birthing the new, and the 5th day of the entire 260-day Tzolkin (Count of Days or Light pulses emanating from the Sun)… Did you know that it takes 260 days from conception to birth, and that is synonymous...

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Kin 4: Yellow SelfExisting Seed

Good Morning beloveds Today is the 4th day of the Dragon 13-day cycle / wavespell of birthing and initiating the new… Today works primarily on the mental plane and so today we get to define the form the birth will take… With the Seed the form is that of co-creation...

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Kin 3: Blue Electric Night

Good Morning all... Today is the 3rd day of both the 13-day Dragon wavespell and the 260-day Tzolkin or harmonic matrix... Today we activate the process of birth and the ability to respond to the moment in a caring way, by diving deep into the unconscious in order to...

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Kin 2: White Lunar Wind

Happy day to you... Today is the 2nd day of the 260-day Tzolkin or Harmonic Matrix or Count of Days or Light... It is also the 2nd day of the Dragon 13-day wavespell of birthing the new... It is another day when Uranus and Pluto square for the 4th time intensifying...

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Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon

Good morning beloveds... So after being a little ahead of it all,  the last couple of days (thanks to all that informed me), today I am back to celebrate the beginning of a new Tzolkin Spin... The first day of a new 260-day cycle that augurs new birth... Today we...

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