Astro Soul Constellations


Very few would have heard of Astro Soul Constellations, inspired by a fusion of Astrology and Family Constellations. An exploration being experimented with by myself and Vitorio De Janeiro of Astro Shamanic. We both share a love of Astrology and Family Constellation work, and decided to begin to experiment with these modalities. The outcome has been profound and successful, and has us both walking the path of further exploration.

Astro Soul Constellations has us exploring the cosmos and our place within it by diving deep into the planetary orbits. These orbits may be reflected in the current planetary transits or by diving into one participant’s personal soul-fingerprint! We explore this by guiding people to choose a stone, that has been embedded over years with the energies of a particular planet. According to the stone they choose, they then get to embody the energy of that planet within an astrological transit or natal chart. All together the people become the Solar System! Witnessing themselves and others as planets, at a given moment in time. Whether transiting planets in the NOW moment, or where the planets are at the time of a persons birth, or any other event in the timeline that we are guided to explore!


A Circle is drawn and magic is woven by placing individuals in their place in the cosmos, to channel a planets energy! All together, we witness the dance of planetary and personal energies unfolding. BEING the cosmos, directly reflecting a souls journey and feeling it into our bones!

If Astro Soul Constellations excites you, as it does us, please join us in this exploration of planetary influences into a persons/planets soul!!!

At the moment we are exploring Astro Soul Constellations once a fortnight, all are welcome to come and play with us, it is deep and transformative!



I am excited to bring Astro Soul Constellations to New Zealand!

Upcoming Events will be posted here…

For interest in this work, and inviting me to your area to share this, contact me here…