Blu is born on Day 13 of the Blue Night Wavespell

The Blue Night Wavespell is a 13-day cycle focussing on Dreaming, IN-tuition and AbundDANCE. Enjoy and feel free to share your experiences here.

At this time the suggestion is to allow yoursElf to dive into the unconscious, quest-i-on any fears of ‘not enough’ and reprogram to Pacha Mamas dreaming of ‘AbunDance for ALL beings’. Believe it and you shall SEE it!

So let us take courage and dive, allowing IN-tuition to lead us into the False Evidence Appearing Real, the FEAR that no longer supports the collective activation into the New Time. We are ever more powerful than we have been lead to believe… ‘Reclaim your Time, Reclaim your Mind’ as Jose Arguelles has guided us for the past 30 years, it is TIME now! 

And I speak to myself, as I emerge from my resting place. Stepping forward to live in full service to the Collective Dreaming in my own Unique Way. Each one of us with a unique dreaming that adds to the collective dreaming. See you Here.

These daily sharings offer a look into the Harmonic Matrix or Tzolkin that infuses all of life… A great opportunity to explore the collective consciousness daily… To learn what that is go to the video on my homepage – for all my offerings

Womb of Creation Here we explore and share our experiences of the codes daily, tracking the codes in 52-day castles. Presently tracking and sharing experience of the Blue Night Wavespell. All are welcome to join us.

Law of Time Mother Site 

Blu Cosmic Eagle – For Blu who is rocking this world at the moment, Visioning the NEW DREAM!!! Born on Day 13 of the Blue Night Wavespell. 


What does this mean for you personally?

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  • Learn the codes that lead to your essential wisdom. Clouded by colonized conditioning, see through the mists to your Innate Wisdom. Be equipped each day to follow the flow of synchronicity and walk the path of your own revelation. Click this Link for guidelines that spell it out easily.
  • Be guided to your Hero/ine's journey. Attune to the depths of your ESSENCE.  By clicking on this LINK. 
  • Track the codes daily with your 13 Moon Sychronometer, a calendar book in hand, to journal and witness the honesty of each days unfolding magic.
  • Track the days and decode your people, by downloading the 13:20Sync App (iphone) or a Dreamspell App (android)