ENERGY OF THE DAY are blogs written every day over a period of 4 years, documenting the 260 days of the Tzolkin of the Mayan Dreamspell.

To find an ENERGY OF THE DAY, for any day you would like to attune to –

  1. Find ‘decode’ the Signature for that days date.
  2. Place the Kin # or name of the Galactic Signature into the SEARCH below or on the front page of this website.
  3. Contemplate and allow the revelations to arrive upon reading that energy.
  4. Alternatively simply scroll down and click on any blog of a previous date written about.
  5. You are also invited to explore any/each of the 20 Wavespells (13-day cycle) e.g. Search for RED MOON WAVESPELL  An entry on that whole Wavespell will appear, for your contemplation and revelation.

Although these entries may not be written for the particular day you are searching, they are written for a day back in time that holds that same frequency Kin. Each Kin returns every 260 days carrying the same base frequency, only it has spiraled to the next level of our evolving consciousness! So in reading, carry this awareness for contemplation. The suggestion is to feel into the latest evolution of this energy, feeling into the day, allowinf it to inform you in this NOW!


You can also look for a combined Kin, when you add two peoples signature together. Adding the Tones to 13, and the Tribes to 20. You can see this on the 1320sync app for iphone only at this time. e.g. Blue Rhythmic(6) Monkey(11) + Yellow Electric(3) Human(12) = Blue Solar(9) Night(3).

I also suggest placing your birthday for each different year of your life, to contemplate the life lesson for that year, via the Kin that was on your birthday each year!. This is also a very valuable tool to use for parents to understand their children in order to support them.



A galaxy seems to rise like a sun through a natural sandstone arch in this digital composite. The galaxy is M31, the Great Galaxy in Andromeda. The image of the Andromeda Galaxy was taken using a Cassegrain 14.5

Image by © Tony Hallas/Science Faction/Corbis

I have also spent years creating short ENERGY OF THE DAY videos that you can view on my youtube channel… That channel also includes Videos on the Wavespells and at present I am sharing a lot of the teachings on that channel.

Feel free to comment, or leave a message if you feel to engage… Quest-i-ons are welcome!

Enjoy the journey!


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1. Find Your Galactic Signature

Begin by finding Your Galactic Signature & Kin Number or the same for any Given Date. e.g. Friends, Family, Events. This is called 'Decoding'.

(Can also be found on iPhone 13:20Sync App. On Android any Dreamspell App)


2. Search the Archives

This Website Shares 5 years of Archives of the 260-Kin of the Tzolkin of the Mayan Dreamspell. These Archives are the Holy Grail of Mayan Dreamspell Astrology! Enter Kin Number below and receive revelations!

Continue to Quest-I-On the Mayan Dreamspell by following the next steps...

3. Discover Your Wavespell

To Dive Deeper book a Personal Session to Explore the Wavespell (13-Day Cycle) of Your Kin. Revealing Your Purpose, Support, Hidden Mastery and Challenging Energies for your Life, Your Current Year + Your Current 13-Year Cycle!

4. Learn the System

Learn the Foundations of the Mayan Dreamspell in order to Create a more Sustainable Life in Tune with the Natural Order with TimeWaves Webinars. Included is a PDF Workbook + a 13 Moon Synchronometer to Download.

Kin 222: White Magnetic Wind (Sunday 22 Sept / Electric Moon

Welcome to a a new day, a new wave spell (13-day cycle)... Today begins 13 days of allowing the Wind to channel through us, to become the conduits of pure spirit, where the attachment  of the 'I' being in charge is released, as we learn to listen, to the promptings of...

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Kin 200: Yellow Overtone Sun (Friday 30 August)

Good Morning Planetary Kin... Today is the 5th day of the Warrior wavespell and today we find the courage to shine our light creatively and allow it to radiate... To be guided by the natural harmonies that underlie all of consciousness to become the nodal points that...

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Kin 199: Blue SelfExisting Storm

Today is the 4th day of the Warrior wave spell... Today we define our mission, guided by the creative mind to the infinite possibilities that are available once we find the appropriate quest-i-ons... To define fearlessness, as allowing our minds to change once we see...

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Kin 198: White Electric Mirror (Wednesday 28 August)

Today we activate the mission, the quest-i-on, thru reflecting upon all that is not true in what we are feeling… bringing the sword to the emotional plane to strip away extraneous emotional baggage, so that as we move forward on our mission we are not carrying extra...

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Kin 197: Red Lunar Earth (Wednesday 28 August)

Earth and water, earth and water… On this 2nd day of the Warrior cycle, we face the duality of full steam ahead, and stop and listen for the flow… In order to anchor full steam ahead, we must answer to the challenge of being sure of the direction we are heading, and...

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Kin 196: Yellow Magnetic Warrior (Tuesday 26 August)

Hi there beloved kin… Welcome to the cycle of the Warrior, the cycle of attracting the learning of fearlessly facing our mission, to quest-i-on everything that stands in the way of living the dreaming we are here for… A great time to look at what you are doing and...

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Kin 174: White Overtone Wizard (Monday 5 August)

Beautiful Kin… so today we receive and anchor the power of spirit, thru communication, sound, channeling direct… Here we empower the original purpose of this wavespell - love, heart, loyalty, family - empowered through our capacity to hold receptive space for deep...

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