Good morning new day…

Today works primarily on the mental plane with the 4th tone of 13 – SelfExisting, which works by defining and measuring the form of the original purpose set at Tone 1 Magnetic. This 1 Tone sets the purpose of the 13 day cycle, the Wavespell. That tone 1 was the Serpent, so today we are defining and measuring the form of survival, instinct, what it is to be raw in the moment and available to receive new frequencies that will assist us to be with change. The fight or flight instinct.

Today suggests we align our minds to harmonic pattern, to look to the potential of what is possible. To hold our minds in a positive frame to hold to the higher potential which that state of mind align to. To focus on harmonic potential be becoming aware of the harmonic patterns to align our minds to, to reach the potential.

In brief in order to survive, it is important to have a harmonic state of mind focussed on the highest potential outcome. eg if we focus on bad outcome we lower our life force, feeding gravity (the grave), if we focus on higher harmonic outcomes this lifts our life force and activates the levity and all of our experience matches this. Where mind goes, energy flows…

So with this in mind, go forth and activate a high day of harmony, creativity and art, planting beautiful seeds of thought with others, co creating a harmonic universe of harmonic pattern.

The seed suggests co-creation, so the harmonic mind is guided by co-creating with others, focussing on lifting our awareness to new potentials… A great day to discover more about alternative energy systems that align in the patterning of nature…

Try this one, not sure if it is real or not (as is whether the site is bogus, I know the info is real), but did get sent it by email this morning……

Blessed day to you all

In lake’ch




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