Today is a day of physical closeness… When we want to be close to our loved ones, and when we meet others who we feel akin to… who feel like family…

In this 6th days of the cycle where we are exploring life force, instinct and survival, we come to under stand that that is fed by our capacity to merge with others. Merging with others allows us to have a bigger energy field or life force within which to survive. At times of e-merge-ncy, the most positive outcome is that people come together as a planetary family, all differences are released as we recognize the heart of all people, and know ourselves as love and this brings us into balance and allows for true equality.

Today is dog guided by dog, so we feel the connectedness instinctually through our bodies, as we are drawn to others as family and just want to be close to each other… feeling our loyalty, our love, our connectedness, and not only to humans, but to all of life.

We are supported today by rhythmic Moon, connecting with the waters deeply in order to purify and go with the flow of connectedness today… Sending our love deep into the waters today will have a great effect with the purifying our own blood as well as the waters of the world…

We are challenged today by our own sense of independence with rhythmic sun.

Todays gift is Galactic Monkey… The integration of allowing the mind to trust the bigger picture and the visions it receives of the greater story unfolding. Trusting that all is unfolding towards our collective magical co-creative potential.

O Yum Hunab Ku Eva Maya E Ma Ho

O Mother Father God isn’t it Wonderful!!!

I give thanks for this magical day and its unfolding wisdom!  We are indeed blessed!!!