Today is the day of integrating survival.

Honouring our free will, our choices through integrating with fearless intelligence to allow wisdom to be the walk. This then influences others to do the same, to take the ;Good Red Road’, as is said in Native American tradition, meaning to walk the path of fearless wisdom that serves the future generations.

The Human represents all the wisdom that has been gathered through our ancestral earth walk. The wisdom that is bundled from all the actions of the past. The wisdom that has been the gift of the many imbalances experienced along the way. The wisdom that comes from the Monkeys capacity to innocently push the boundaries, and here the Human makes its choices based on those experiences, in order to ensure survival.

Integrating the wisdom of understanding the natural boundaries, that it honours the need to continually purify the physical body, remaining clean, in order to allow the co-creation of our greater potential.

The challenge that strengthens us today is to be watching for the input of spirit, and allowing spirits messages to merge with our active intelligence.

We can be served by our knowledge  of that which creates growth – levity, the upward rising of the sap in the trees, as our blood rises up to meet our hearts and expand our caring for all that is in our care, enligtening all of life.

Ancestral Wisdom is available to us today, to follow fearlessly, the Good Red Road, set out before us, to make the inevitable choices that are pro-life.

I send a prayer today to our politicians and those who need to awaken to understand their roles, to be carers for the Earth, that this be reflected in their choices, that all decisions made today are for the betterment of our childrens, childrens, childrens, children for seven generations to come. Pro-Earth, pro-life, integrating the expansion of life-force.

Blessed be dear ones

Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be.

And so mote it be, and it is done.



What does this mean for you personally?

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