The Yellow Crystal Warrior is day 12 in the Red Serpent Wavespell of 13 days/kin. This kin comes together with others in divine harmonic intelligence, to quest-i-on the very fabric of life. The highest level of mind, is the minds capacity to join with other buy soma online usa minds in co-operation, this is the action of the Crystal tone. The Yellow Crystal Warrior co-operates with a fearless intelligence that questions disharmony, by examining the very fabric of consciousness and how it is all created. This can reveal any fear that may create disharmony, instead of harmony. Yellow Crystal Warrior dedicates itself with others in community on creative projects. This results in it’s universal understanding of a collective role to focusSing on a mission of re-establishing harmonic creative mind. A courageous intelligence that leads to understanding all things being connected to universal consciousness.   Watch this video that illustrates this intelligence of co-creative, connected mind.


Yellow Crystal Warrior is guided by Yellow Crystal Star, guided in turn by the Sun, in the wavespell of the Earth. The communal mind that seeks to co-create sovereignty as Earth Citizens. Community art that reveals the evolution of humanity as sovereign beings with illuminated, creative minds.

Support / Analog

Yellow Crystal Warrior is supported by Blue Crystal Night, guided by the Eagle, in the wavespell of the Human. To collectively connect to the contract of ‘abundance for all beings’, that is held in the iron-crystal-core of Mother Gaia, the dreaming of our planet. To envision that abundance as our human bEarthrigh. Opening our eyes, to see all that we need to collectively focus upon, in order to live the dreaming we are all here for. To realign our free will with the Will of the creator, to live the dream. Following our intuitive mind home to the heart of the will, of creation.

Challenge that Strengthens / Antipode

Yellow Crystal Warrior’s  challenge that strengthens, is White Crystal Worldbridger, guided by the Mirror, in the wavespell of the Eagle. To have an open mind that reflects on the patterns that point to bridges that can be built between very different perspectives, in order to create a greater vision collectively, honouring all parts. Yet can be too open and lose focus on the task at hand. On the other hand, there is a joining with others to reflect a creative capacity of envisioning the New Time, a New World.

Hidden Gift / Occult

Yellow Crystal Warrior’s hidden gift is Red Lunar Serpent, guided by the Earth, in the wavespell of the Seed. To be anchored with deep strong roots into the life force of mother Earth, as she guides potent growth into the heavens. A potent instinct for the Earth’s cycles, her timing, the awareness of her messengers in the 4-leggeds, the flying and buy soma online swimming ones, many-leggeds and the elements. Gifting awareness of synchronicity, as the Earth propels us forward towards greater and greater potentials, again seeding the New.

Yellow Crystal Warrior, has an on-going mission to co-create intelligent community, in common-unity. For the purpose of Survival.

For further exploration of the Yellow Crystal Warrior, watch this YouTube video



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