Good Morning Planetary Kin…

So today heralds in the beginning of re-arranging the physical plane to release old stuck energy, to be generated into pure energy, no immediate direction is needed, just to ground ourselves in the swirl of pure energy and allow ourselves to trust the change that is happening all around us.

Much energy is available for us today and the more we can simply play the easier it will be. Nothing to be taken to seriously is the key. A great day for physical exertion as there is so much energy available…

Be in the body, strongly today and the energy generated will be available to catalyse change, that will lighten our load… In-joy it!

We are supported today by being physically out in the Sun, as it will ground more and more light into the actions that occur, and increase the joy quotient…

The challenge that strengthens is to do with the waters, interesting to see how that pans out…

And the hidden gift of today, is our capacity to be in commonUnity, communicating… which is great for me as I will be sharing the Mayan Creation Story in Seminyak in Bali to a big crowd at the opening of a new Street Market this evening, with a wonderful VJ Mark Lee and Luke Brown painting as we go, to the music of Darpan… So for me I am happy to see the Monkey guide, as it informs me to trust the process and the gift of channeling the messages of the New Time to the masses in commUnity…. ah blessed be the day and trusting that we are being done as magical change agents today!!!

Oh Yum Hunab Ku Eva Maya E Ma Ho! (Mother, Father God isnt’t it wonderful)


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