Hello again …

So today, so tired after a big night in downtown Seminyak delivering the message of 13:20 Time Is Art.

Today seems a great day to activate self love… the in-deep-end-dance (independance) of focussing energy back into self after such an active day yesterday of chaos and play, the party of lunar storm.

Today am at home reflecting of what is needed to activate ones own light, guided by the potential of sharing with others, the New Time… and what is needed to be activated in order to serve this.

The Mirror cycle seems to be a great time of reflecting, processing, getting clear with those closest to us, as we reformulate the perfected order of our beings. Cutting away, cutting away, cuttting away to let the light shine, co-creatively….

We are supported to do this through activating the excess energy as we come home to self… Challenged by any need to be there for others… And receiving the hidden gift of releasing the need to teach, play, trust, be out there, by self nurturing and allowing ourselves to build our own energies…

blessed be and if you have any others perceptions, feel free to share…. and add on…


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