Sun-coronaToday is the 3rd day of the Mirror wavespell… A day of activating independence as we are guided to focus on co-creating with others… Illuminating our feelings as we strip away all till we get to the essence of each emotion, this encourages our capacity to shine our lights independently… A day to reflect upon the clarity of our mirrors… To serve through illuminating our emotions to focus on the highest potential of sharing enlightened emotions… This in turn activates our capacity to be true with each other, to be real, as it is only thru honouring our own feelings that we can come together with others and truly focus on the potential of creating together… A great day to bond with others in service to the highest potential of what is truly needed for our ongoing survival, stripping away all else but the basic building blocks, our true and essential independent shining lights…

Todays pre-dawn may bring dreams of Earths transformation… We are  connected deeply to the changes within Mother Earth, through our dreams change is being catalysed, through witnessing the collective unconscious transformation of our emotional bodies to come more into alignment with the cycles of  Gaia, navigating  evolution through the many storms…

This morning we may focus on the beauty it is possible to co-create, as we recognise the potential to communicate as spirits messengers, in service to the New Time….

This afternoon we serve through forming a lovingly receptive bond to the shadow… Feeling all that does not want to be seen, and through feeling it allowing it to come into acceptance… Feeling all as we become creative, and allow that creativity to reveal blocks and resistances to being love, to being connected, as we allow ourselves to become receptive to nature and the eternal beauty of creation she is… Feeling one with nature and receiving from her the very essence of creative activation…

This evening we feel liberated through nuturing ourselves as we allow the days creations to wash off us, as we revel in the magic of the day… We release all feelings that are no longer needed, as we take responsibility for all that we feel as ‘ours’… The more playful we have been, the more there may be to release, as play encourages the playing out of archetypes and characters, which are not always our own… and here we get the opportunity to look to what is ‘ours’ or not… No projecting ‘someone else here is carrying negative energy’ if you feel it, it is yours to work with, and in the process we can clear all for the collective… If you feel it, then inside you have the capacity to clear it, as you are triggered by it… In this way we clear everything so much faster, and NOW is the time for this! This is the Law of Reflection of our beloved Mirror wavespell!

So beloved hearts… Enjoy this day and the opportunity to feel in a deep way  by shining our light and love on the mirror of our own reflections and creations, so all our mirrors may become shiny and bright and prepared to co-create the New Time!

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