As I sit here this morning in deep meditation, I feel a tonne of new frequencies downloading… all kinds of colours pulsing thru me from the cosmos, deep into the core of mother earth, and from her out to the cosmos… Quite the trip! Here in Magnetic Monkey… attracting magic…

This magic comes in the form of harmonic frequency, patterns of light streaming thru… And so today is the latest evolution of what it is to attract magic… what a wonderful experience… and today is the first day of 13 days of the Monkey Wavespell… all about magic, trusting, which was big for me this morning just to release all mistrust and allow the beauty to be experienced. In one moment I felt a very unknown energy to my left and I turned to face it, embracing it, and I felt its unfamiliarity dissolve, as I dissolved with it… and realised this is the gift of the monkey to trust…. The hidden gift of today is Cosmic Dog which was yesterdays energy… so this describes that gift, to become one with all that is around one… In becoming one, all animosity or distrust dissolves in the oneness, the one heart, the one love… The oneness embraces all and in this we learn the truth of trust… the Monkeys gift…

We are supported today my Magnetic Star… the harmonic frequencies from the stars… streaming thru, showing us the beauty of harmonic creativity of the stars…

So beautiful, this day… such a divine beginning to 13 days of play… Re-member if you have an opportunity to push the boundaries of the old outworn paradigm… do so, for now is the time, and you will be rewarded with the capacity to allow your love to grow… and let MAGIC HAPPEN!

love love love you all on this very special day!!!


And a final blessing of immense gratitude for Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles who has awakened us to the beauty of the harmonic system and continues to do so ever more potently from beyond the veils…



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