Today we perfect and produce magic by trusting our capacity to create beauty, allowing light to shine through our physical form and manifestations, sparkly and beautiful, divine and de-light-ful… Spend time in the sun and relish in the beauty of nature to inspire our creations…

Pre-dawn storms may enter into our dreaming, catalysing change through accomplishing the art of unconditional all-inclusive love that supports all creation to manifest…

From sunrise the beauty of nature draws us into its divine intelligence as its elegance reminds us of the change that is still needed to transform all that is unnatural in our world….

This afternoon we manifest the connections that allow right alignment to be reflected… To be true mirrors that are able to manifest right relations to loved ones… Come into the alignment needed in order to share in the birthing of the new…

This evenings hidden gift assists us to define the form that our paths must take in order to honour and respect the cycles of truth that bEarth the New Time and the New Earth!

In lak’ech



What does this mean for you personally?

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