Time to transform our dreams… to listen deeply to the intuition and allow it to catalyse change and allow ourselves to feel what needs changing and activate it….

Supported by Activating the fire… the sun to feel the perfect order of consciousness and to aim that fire towards the potential fruiting of the truth and right alignment in our lives…

The challenge to become to sensitive to what we feel and revert inside rather than taking the external actions needed for change…

The hidden gift today is Spectral Wind… to release energy through communication, dance, singing… to release and free up the old necesity of following our own free will and release that will to the will of spirit..  a chicken and egg scenario…

thats all for today folks… need to stay off this raditating device for a while to cool down my insides and listen to the mama… so just a short download each day at the moment… huge love to you and your great big earth mama!



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