Today challenges to ground unconditional love… To push the boundaries of the collective unseen… to push the boundaries of all that is not said, that is not on the surface… but is there in the dreaming, in our capacity to understand the law of abundance for all beings… To trust the abundance that the earth shares with us, and to allow that earth magic to be revealed in our dreams and in moments of potent in-tuition.

Today is supported by the Lunar Star… to anchor beauty, to create our physical realities to be beautiful enough to allow healing to occur through the light that emanates in a space…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Lunar Dragon… as we travel today to take responsibility for all that comes to us as ours to care for…

Todays hidden gift is Crystal Dog guided by the Wind… To come together with others in a sense of family to sing, to dance, to commune from the heart…

blessed be dear hearts



What does this mean for you personally?

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