Good morning kin… no doubt you feel the activity arising this morning… the rush to get out of bed and do… all those things that need to be done… pure action today dear hearts, with our two most active energies entwining to make action packed manifestation, perfecting the production of unconditional love… in the marketplace… catalysing change thru generating physical energy that is guided to accomplish and heal….

Today we are supported by the Planetary Sun guided by the Star… to shine our lights, to be in the Sun and in nature… sounds like the great outdoors in beautiful places that spark our creativity and our connection to the majesty of pure magic…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Planetary Moon guided by the Skywalker… Manifesting the flow within the outward exploration of space today…. In our travels to allow the flow and purification of the physical space… Allowing our sensitivity to the spaces we are exploring to guide us to those experiences that are of the most pure for us…

The hidden gift of today is SelfExisting Wind guided by the Mirror… To define and communicate truth that measures the form of change… Catalysing change with the communication of spirit that again will seek to reflect the truth of the moment and in that cut away the extraneous… Communicating from a clear and true place of reflection…

blessed be dear hearts, enjoy this day… My body is wanting me to move…. and groove….



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