Today is the 4th day of the cycle of abundance, where we get to define the energetic form of this purpose of abundance and in-tuition… Here abundance is defined as the capacity to surrender the mind into non-judgement, being guided purely by the messages that come direct from spirit… Surrendering to communicate with worlds that are unfamiliar to us, resulting in making connections that bring greater opportunities for sharing of abundance… Today is a good day to die, as we release the mind into the place of non-duality and allow all that is to be, as it is, from there there the pure breath of spirit has room to breath its messages through us, clear and pure…

Predawn we find a deep sensitivity to the awakening feminine energy, as she enters into our dreams, as we define unconditional love as a sensitive exploration of the pure consciousness that exists beyond what is named…

This morning communication takes the lead role as our conversations reflect all that needs to transform in order to be more accurately on the spirit path… Old contracts that bind us can be broken and released, as we reflect upon what serves and what no longer serves on our journey into the new time…

This afternoon we choose to question all that closes energy down, and seek for the quest-i-ons that expand and open our consciousness… We are reminded to ask for what we need, not just wait for it to drop out of the sky… Consciousness needs to know what it is we want, and so we co-create by letting consciousness know what needs we need met…

This evening a greater vision is manifested as we are guided by our deeper dreaming and we see the reality of how all will be made manifest through sharing our visions of abundance… Guided by in-tuition to envision the opportunities to be made manifest….

So beloveds an amazing day on this journey of abundance… bless be



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