So today we activate the mission, the quest-i-on…. thru reflecting upon all that is not true in what we are feeling… bringing the sword to the emotional plane to strip away extraneous emotional baggage, so that as we move forward on our mission we are not carrying extra weight… We are guided in this by the Wind, to communicate in a direct and concise way, reflecting the truth of what is before us… In this way our communication hits the spot and serves to allow ourselves to question all that we have held as true, and why?

We are supported today by Electric Dragon guided by the Serpent… Activating immediate response to nurture whatever change is incurred through the reflection or questions that are brought up… To be there to take responsibility for being the catalyst in ours and others lives, not just cutting away and leaving the wounded in our path, but the natural instintive caring that comes when we have hit the nail on the head of old emotional patterns that no longer serve our quest for the correct order of truth… We then know ourselves in the ever aligning, endless re-alignment to the truth in each moment… the ever bonding to right alignmnent for this particular evolved moment.. knowing that in a moment gone by, what is now termed emotional baggage, had its function and use, and now is extraneous to the ever evolving mission at hand…

The challenge that strengthens this day is Electric Star guided by the Human… To surrender all niceties and patterns of polite acceptable behaviour inherited from our parents and those that lived in a different world than the one we inhabit today, in order to come to the true patterns of relating that reflect clearly the ever-evolving reality of this moments most effective ways of relating, reaching deeper and deeper to the source of who we are in each moment…

Todays hidden gift is Spectral Night… Our capacity to reach deeply into the collective unconscious and uncover the true dreaming of this moments awakening…

This is interesting to me as my dream this morning was about being at a workshop I was to teach about this harmonic calendar, with many people there and how gradually as I waited for all to focus, each one of them left, until it was just myself left and someone offering me hair cream.. hmm interesting and yet in reflection right now, there was a feeling that perhaps my time of teaching the calendar is changing and is time to fully release this and allow it to transform… I have felt this coming for some time and this mornings dream was confirmation… It is time to let go of all that has been, and stand naked before the Mother Earth, cutting away all that has been, and ready for the new quest that serves her evolution…

Blessed be dear hearts, may we fearlessly face all that is no longer serving the all, and release it, so we may be instructed anew, our part in the endless order of this grand magical and ever-evolving puzzle called life!!!

And a blessed day and year to my dear friend Jildaz!!! Whose bEarthday is today, celebrating his next solar spin!



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