Good Morning Planetary Kin…

So today is day 7 of the 13 day cycle of the Moon, the cycle of flow and purification…

Today the flow inspires us to see what more can be accomplished as we turn from floating to swimming in the tides of pure consciousness… How to pack a lot into the day that attunes to our greater vision… What changes are needed? What needs to be healed in order for the flow to carry us purely towards the greater vision we see? Where does the greatest healing lie, that needs the gentle caress of the universal waters to flow into and purify it?

We are supported in this today by Yellow Resonant Seed… To be inspired to focus fearlessly on the greatest potential truths we can attain… Growing ‘up’ in perfect alignment with the divine and unwritten truths of the universe…

215 colourTodays challenge that strengthens is Red Resonant Serpent… To inspire change thru allowing the vibrant life force to channel through us, direct from the Earth, that we may be attuned to her calling… To listen and instinctively allow the raw life force channeling through from Pacha Mamas’ fluid timing, spiraling up, inspiring change, as raw messages emit through her synchronic codes, should we have the ears to listen…

Todays hidden gift is White Resonant Worldbridger… As the light reflects the doors we are to walk through, to walk within the patterns of enlightened order, surrendered in the divine perfection….

So beloveds another blessed day of cosmic poetry unfolding as a flower within us, growing ever towards the most divine….



What does this mean for you personally?

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