Body painter, Johannes Stoetter created tree frog - 5 human modelsGood Morning Planetary Star beings…

Today is the 7th day of the Wind wave spell, the cycle where the wind that blows through our pure consciousness carries messages of spirit… The 7th day is always the day of inspiration, as we bubble up and open even more to all that may want to channel through us… Today the Wind brings with it the harmonies of the spheres, the beauty of light, the elegant patterns of the divine that inspire creativity to flow and blow through us… Time to be in the fairy realms, in the sun resonating with the elementals, being open for the messages they have to share, messages of sovereignty for all of life… Be inspired – Time IS Art!

In the pre-dawn a sense of playing in the dark, pushing the edges of the unconscious, going beyond appearances seeps into the dreams… Dream-play that brings a sense of trusting what may lay under the unconscious is the most divine patterns of LIFE… Strong, vibrant and divinely magical!

This morning we may be called to illuminate the wisdom of the ancestors, as we resonate the light and choose sovereignty as we honour our roots that run deeper than any man made overlay of control… To know ourselves as illuminated light beings and resonate with the choices that anchor deeply a timeless receptivity…

This afternoon we may become inspired to be with beloveds, resonating the love that deepens as we reflect the truth with each other… Being inspired by choosing to be honest and truthful, cutting to the heart of all matters, choices that bring a greater capacity to truly influence each others lives… The creativity of truth that is heart centred…

This evening raw expression inspires healing, as we explore what truly resonates expansion… Awakening the fire of our life force, to allow it to expand and rise up and heal… A fiery evening, a great time to dance!!!

Beloveds have a beautiful day, enjoy the nature, get dressed up and beautiful, be with beloveds and dance!




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