Good Mornin Planetary Kin…

So today we release into the world our hopes for the future… After 10 days of receiving and anchoring new free-quent-sees onto the planet, today we liberate these frequent-seas as the co-creative potentials for growing awareness that seed the New Time… All over the planet people have been setting their roots into the New Time, demanding that governments no longer be run by corporate greed… Today we feel the liberation of this energy as it takes hold in the collective consciousness as the people gather with unwavering focus on the collective feeling of what we can be, what we can grow into, the abundance that this planet can sprout for all beings…. The emotional release of anchoring energy today allows the levitation of all the energies directly up in a huge growth spurt of our collective awareness, to shine as the seeds reaching to the Sun, to become the solar light beings that we know we can be….

Today is supported by Blue Spectral Eagle, self guided, in the wavespell of the Serpent… Freeing up the visions and the solutions that are needed for our pure survival… The growth spurt fueling our capacity to receive the visions of our future direct from our most basic needs for survival that are released from deep within the core of our being and the being of our Mother Gaia… Our capacity to feel the visions, to feel what we see as possible and real, initiates true freedom, dissolving the need to stay small and allowing our-cell-ves to fly…

The challenge that strengthens today is White Spectral Wizard, self guided, in the wavespell of the Seed… Again as we levitate, so do we anchor. always the equal and opposite energy serves to balance us… and here the co-creative potential held in the Seeds journey into the light, is liberated by its roots that go down deep into the Earth, anchored in a shamanic-like search for the ground that will liberate its capacity to continue receiving from the timeless multidimensional realms that continue to feed the frequencies of light that are necessary to fuel the meditative enchantment on the radial nature of what it is to be anchored deeply in the now…

The hidden gift of this day is Red Electric Earth, guided by the Dragon, in the wavespell of the Eagle… Serving to activate our capacity to feel the bigger picture that we are serving, through listening to our emotional responses as synchronicitys are birthed… As the Earths messages come firing at us as synchronicity follows synchronicity revealing to us the vision that the New Earth is bEarthing… As we begin to feel our sight encompassing the evolution that has cycled through ‘Times’ immemorial passage, and as we feel this, we in turn bond ever more passionately to birthing the r-Evolution through the womb of our Mother Gaias turning cycles and into the growing and potent fullness as Seeds of the New Time!

So beloved ones take heart, feel and galactivate! Liberate and release into the growing of the New Time! Let go of the shackles of the old and move forward!

I would like to dedicate this day to those powerful people I know born on a Spectral Seed day… Qala SriAma, Elen Evolove. Donna Marie, Darpan, to name but a few, thank you for seeding…



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