Today we integrate our capacity to find creative solutions, by surrendering the mind to channeling spirits messages.

Today is supported by Red Galactic Earth, guided by the Dragon, in the wavespell of the Dog… To model Love by being there for others to listen and respond to their needs… Integrating loyalty by being there in right timing to nurture, allowing the right messages to be received and communicated that allow a being to let go and find new solutions that support passing thru new doorways…

The challenge that strengthens is Yellow Galactic Human guided by the Warrior… To integrate ones choices by fearless questioning of ones actions… Modeling intelligence that is based on ones past experiences…

Todays hidden gift is Blue Rhythmic Storm, self guided, in the wavespell of the Wizard… To organise for all in ones physical world to change, in order to follow the messages received by spirit.. The breath, the oxygen rebalancing the body to allow more energy to be organized to bring balance and new distribution that allows more movement of energy that can be receptive to the new…

Blessed be dear hearts



What does this mean for you personally?

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