Good Morning Planetary Kin…

Today is one of the 13 clear signs that was held on the side of Pacal Votans tomb in Palenque, bound to be another strong day for humanity… Today is the 11th day of the Eagle wavespell, the 11th day always embraces the challenge that strengthens the first magnetic tone of the wavespell, liberating the Eagles far-reaching vision, by allowing the raw primal energy from the Earth and our base to energise the kundalini rising… Becoming raw, immediate and involved directly in the centre of life itself in this NOW moment… Here the Eagle dissolves, to releasing and letting go creative mind, coming into the intensity of this moment, liberating creative vision to come into action in the now… Spectralising all the energy built up over the past 10 days to be released into the collective consciousness, as we come back to ourselves and feel the depth and intensity of the raw life force as it surges thru us…

Today is supported by White Spectral Wizard, self guided, in the Wizard wavespell… Releasing our forward focus on the potential we can grow into by becoming wholly receptive and grounded in the timeless now, open to many dimensions…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Blue Spectral Eagle, self guided, in the Serpent wavespell… To release the drama, and fly…

Todays hidden gift is Yellow Electric Warrior, guided by the Sun, in the Wizard wavespell… To fearlessly serve the anchoring of new energies onto the planet, focusing on opening our receptors to the light to receive the frequencies that anchor the New Time!

So beloveds, blessed be and may all beings be happy!

New Time 13 Moon Synchrometer

Today I have launched the call to funding for the printing of this years New Time 13 Moon Synchrometer…

Please feel free to share far and wide… We have seven days to raise the money to print this years journal, which is ready for the printer… If you have valued these daily downloads, please support us to bring this work to the world by printing 2000 journals… and it is also a great way for you to order this years journal, you can facebook it, twitter it, send it as an email, share it word of mouth… Thank you for your support!

In lake’ch (I am another yourself)
Kin 71 Vasumi


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