Beloved Kin

Today is the 5th day of the 13-day Hand wavespell…. Today we play with the power of magic, pushing our own boundaries, as we are guided to transform and be catalysts for change… We are asked to trust the change as we allow our childlike innocence to emerge into the magical healing realms…. Powerful magic is available to us today, as we play with the edges of pre-conceived limitation and burst through into worlds beyond our imaginings, accomplishing true magic radiating, as we command the power of healing…

Magical PlayWe are supported today by co-creating beauty, attuning to the spirit realms of nature and asking quest-i-ons of the natural world… Acknowledging the harmony that is inherent in the divine design and utilising its power, as we seek to empower our full potential and the full potential of all around us and beyond us…

This morning powerful healing radiates as we utilise our capacity for far-seeing vision of change occurring within us and beyond us… Command change, call to those beloveds of the spirit worlds and command the change you would like to see, and be humble and correct in your callings, as today you have the power to be the change, you want to see….

This afternoon a powerful nurturing quality comes, responding to the flow synchronicity that brings those close to us, that need the gift of caring, that we can offer… The mother in us responds by listening and nurturing, in order to aid the purification process….

This evening devotion to spirit encourages surrender to the divine, as we realise that all is connected as one, in this great web of love on this planet and the multi-verses… Bhakti is alive and well! Devotion to the spirit path as we walk through doorways to greater and greater connection to all that is, Great Grandmother Spider is weaving her web of love through us this evening… Blessed be Grandmother, divine gratitude for your never-ending design to embrace fully all that are in your path, to merge completely with all that are woven into your web…

Have another blessed day on this divine planet, and remember trust yourself, the power lies in this… Allow your inner child to come out and play with the powerful magic that is available to us today and welcome the transformation, for if you do the power of JOY is accessable to you today… Blessed be…



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