Good Morning beloved friends…

Today is the 13th day of the Skywalker wavespell… And the 7th day of the first moon of the Blue Resonant Storm year, the last day of the first week..

The 13th day of a wavepell is always the day of presence… And so today it is revealed that the presence of awakening and exploration is the pure instinctual flow of moving with life, allowing kundalini energy to connect us to the Universal embryonic fluid of pure consciousness… Where our etheric antennae is highly charged with life force…

Today is supported by White Cosmic Wizard, guided by the Mirror, in the wavespell of the Wind… Anchoring spirit through highly receptive reflective presence, anchoring a timeless endless portal to the multidimensions…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Blue Cosmic Eagle, guided by the Storm, in the Night wavespell… To endure the capacity to see what is in the collective unconscious and through that vision allow it to transform, holding the presence of pure abundance and the capacity to find the solutions that bring lasting change…

The hidden gift for today is Yellow Magnetic Warrior… To magnetise purpose with a focus of fearlessly questioning all with the high intelligence of the spiritual warrior!

So beloveds a powerful day on the etheric planes today, journey well and deep… blessed be




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