Good Morning Planetary Kin…

White Cosmic Mirror is the 13th day of the Worldbridger wavespell… On the 13th day the work is done and we hold presence of the original purpose of surrender, letting go to allow opportunities for the right connections… To be a pure truly aligned in the truth to allow spirits messages to channel through us, to breathe us, to allow us to know through the pure reflection of truth what does not serve us…

Today is supported by Red Cosmic Dragon, guided by the Serpent, in the Moon wavespell… To be as the pure presence of the Mother, ready to respond at a moments notice to the needs of the flow of consciousness…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Yellow Cosmic Star, guided by the Human, in the Warrior wavespell… To fearlessly choose to be present as harmonic consciousness, intelligently knowing oneself as a part of the divine design, a co-creator with consciousness itself of the harmonic matrix…

Todays hidden gift is Blue Magnetic Night, self guided… The gift of magnetising the abundance that fulfills all needs, to connect deeply, intuitively with the dreaming of our planet, of ‘abundance for all beings’.

So beloveds, a divine transcendental day of presence. Enjoy!

For a divine example of the beauty of synchronicity with this harmonic order see here.



What does this mean for you personally?

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