Good Morning Planetary Kin..

So today is the 8th day of the Dragon wavespell…

Today we integrate the new birthing and our responsibilities to that through being guided by inner wisdom to align our minds to the harmonic matrix, allowing ourselves to think beautiful thoughts… To model what it is to keep our minds aligned in harmony, and a creative mode of understanding our capacity to influence the creation matrix with our thoughts…

We are supported today by Blue Galactic Monkey, guided by the Eagle, in the Seed wavespell… To integrate our capacity to co-create, by trusting creative minds to find the new solutions for the New Time…

We are challenged and strengthened today by White Galactic Mirror, guided by the Wind, in the Monkey wavespell… Here we integrate our capacity to trust by reflecting directly the messages that come from spirit. Channeling the magic as it reflects the perfect order of mind or truth in each given moment…

Todays hidden gift is Red Rhythmic Skywalker, self guided, in the Star wavespell… A great day for exploring our balance in our physical bodies and traveling to explore the beauty in our worlds, into nature to expand our creativity and art!

So beloveds enjoy this beauty-full day and no doubt I shall share again tomorrow on Venus Transit… a great morning for ceremony and blessed downloading of our capacity to receive the beauty of life… VENUS the beloved goddess of beauty, creativity and Art, embrace yourself as the Artists of Time !!!



What does this mean for you personally?

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