eden-saga.comGod Morning beloveds…

So today is the 4th day of the Storm wavespell… And today we have the opportunity to define chaos, change and transformation… So it seems the form that change takes is when our minds are as open as a hollow bamboo… No concepts, points of view, or judgments – just a pure un-adulterated channel of energy, the messengers of spirit… Our every conversation surprises us with the content that is channeled through our clear vehicle…  Guided by the Mirror, the messages are coming thru crisp and clear, multi-dimensionaly… Communicating directly as a spirit sword of truth that serves to cut away all extraneous energy and thought forms in order to be the ‘Agents of Change’ we are asked to be in this Storm cycle… Today we receive amazing ideas that serve to activate change, the brilliance that is handed down from those that guide us, that are not embodied on the earthly plane.. Stay open and receive the clear ideas of what we must do in order to bring change onto our planet… And I send deep blessings to my dear siStar Kala as she embodies this energy in her foundation…

Todays support is Red SelfExisting Earth… For in order to speak, we must listen and communicate in the perfect timing in order to be heard… Listening and exploring the depths of what has been, in order to understand what is now, and hence what will come… The mind awakening to the cycles of thought that have previously anchored archaic ideas… Willing to awaken to earths messages of r-Evolution…

Todays challenge that strengthens is Yellow SelfExisting Human…. The challenge comes through our desire to choose only the most beautiful thoughts, when sometimes the clarity of the sword is called for…

wind channeling

Todays hidden gift is Blue Planetary Storm…. Manifesting and perfecting change in our physical environs… Perhaps this evening is a good time to go out and party… Yet guided by the hand it takes us out to accomplish healing with those we love, to bring knowing into our-cell-ves as connected to all of consciousness – one great spiritual family of consciousness, with all beings…

So beloveds a great day for writing, communicating, channeling and listening to spirit… Change is here, let us ride the tide of spirits bidding…

BlesSings dear ones and sing a song of divinity in your prayers today…

Here is such a prayer from Kala Shekinah – White SelfExisting Wind ….


Spirit wings of divine grace,
Flowing into the form and pace.
Touch the stars feel the earth,
Golden essence in our space.
Pure power of the sacred breath,
Chanel of the galaxy as it has been called.
Define limitless potential and eternal mysteries
Deep inside as they pass the scribe.
Paint them, dance them, pray them, offer them
Flowing freely endlessly off the tongue
and tips of the fingers as we surrender to Gods flow.
Limitless grace and shining in the moment opening.
Chanel of the mysteries, breath, spirit and form
Universes akashic stream of light
Essence as the winds in flight.



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