Hi beloveds…

So here we are in the 6th day of the transformative Storm cycle, which seems to be taking us all on a whirl, so much is changing and re-arranging around us and through us… Lucky we had the Worldbridger cycle as a lead up, where we mastered what it was to let go and let god….

Today is named Yellow Rhythmic Seed and it is a great day to co-create, especially when it comes to Seeding the garden… Organising for balance in this time of change, the greatest way to do this is to plant seeds of potential… As we know the potential of a forest is held in one seed and this catalyses the change we are so strongly experiencing… If you do not have a garden, it is a time to organise for balance through co-creating potentials for equality… For me today, it has been to see the potential for change within my physical body as I received and co-created with a wonderful bodyworker the potential for even more flexibility in my physical body… An Osteo Thai Massage therapist revealed the potential for even more flexibility within the stretch of my own body…  To focus with others on the potential for change when many focus together and embody future potentials…

www.treesisters.orgToday is supported by Blue Rhythmic Eagle… To have physical space to see the creativity that can reveal the connectivity of all things in love… To envision a bigger picture where equality is embodied through universal love…. In my bodywork session today, the person sharing the session with me, felt like he had eyes in his hands, that just by placing them on my body allowed me to witness and bring change and balance to my body… Such gratitude dear brother for that…

Todays challenge that strengthens is White Rhythmic Wizard… Showing up in the afternoon from midday to sunset…. Finding balance thru timeless receptivity, anchoring deep down into the stillness of the body as a portal into the Earth, shamanically present anchoring the pure flow of energy into the Earths body, serving to bring balance….

Todays hidden gift is Red Galactic Earth… The integrity of timing bodes well for a beautiful night of chanting where we can collectively integrate our listening capacity and feel united as one… The hidden gift usually reveals itself at the end of the day from sunset to midnight, and so this is perfect timing for singing… This also bodes well for listening to the Earth, being receptive to integrate our responses to her guidance thru following the synchronicities that show up…

So beloveds, into the garden to co-create with nature and others if you can… If not listen for the synchronicitys that guide your way in this time of strong trance-formation….

If you are benefiting from these trance-missions, please feel free to share far and wide! And for any that would like to assist in this co-creative act of sharing the harmonic matrix as it evolves through each day, I am in the process of creating this years 13 Moon Journal and my computer is not up for the job… I am looking for a mac to assist with this process, if you have any leads to a second hand mac laptop computer that is not presently being used, please let me know… I call for the assistance of Great Spirit in this and am open to the infinite possibilities of how this can reveal itself… I am open to exchanges and perhaps one way is to offer a special exchange of weekly guidance or/and teachings for the next 6 months weekly, or the next year monthly….

Blessed be all beings….




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