A beautiful day to all…

Today is the 2nd day of the 2nd Moon/month of the 365 day Blue Resonant Storm year. Today is also the 10th day of the Blue Storm 13 day cycle, which is the 6th cycle of the 260 day tzolkin spin… 260 days is the time from conception birth, and we are on day 88 of that cycle of gestation…

This day with the Planetary Star, we manifest change by focusing on the art of creation… Creativity guided by our body intelligence, perfecting and producing the beauty enhanced by the natural world… To allow nature to reveal her beauty, as we allow transformation to reveal the ever deeper levels of the sacred divine of the creators creation… Fearless beauty, to shine as a star on the harmony that nature intends all to be… Hamonically, geometrically perfect… To fearlessly harmonise wherever disharmony lies…

Todays support is Blue Planetary Monkey, guided by the Storm, in the Wind wavespell… To perfect the art of channeling the magical play that catalyses the change through pushing the boundaries… Manifesting joy by trusting the change that comes through allowing spirit to channel through our bodies in breath, dance, song….

Todays challenge that strengthens is White Planetary Mirror, guided by the Worldbridger, in the Moon wavespell… To surrender to the perfect alignment of the physical dimension, and allow the pure flow of consciousness to manifest in its perfected form… The temple of divine order that connects to all in the flow of the universal water of consciousness….

Todays hidden gift is Red SelfExisting Skywalker, guided by the Moon, in the Dog wavespell… To define universal love as the expansion of the mind into the pure flow of hyper-sensitive consciousness… Awakening the mind to the connectedness of all things, and the capacity to purify as we expand, embracing all…

So beloveds a divine day to manifest beauty in our lives and love the divine creation of the great creator… Today is Galactic Activation Portal, a day when the dimensional doorways are open, so allow the winds of change to fearlessly play and transform all into harmony today!!!



What does this mean for you personally?

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