www.lawoftime.org – Mother Site of all things Law of Time, Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South

TimeWaves – the Evolution Revolution – This sites Facebook page

Dreamspell Theatre – Vasumis Sacred Dreamspell Theatre site, feel free to invite us to festivals and events to Galactivate the New Time!

www.1320Sync.com – the best Dreamspell app for iPhones

www.1320frequencyshift.wordpress.com – Red Queen/Stephanie Souths blog

A website that sells 13 Moon very Artful Wall Calendars for the past 20 years Eden Sky

www.gift-economy.com – the new paradigm

Meta History – A radical site with the true her-story of our Planet!!! Love this site

divinesimplicity.net – Divine Alchemy with Mercury and Light Pulses, thank you Anita Carlyon

Elah & Ausierra – Wonderful friends dedicated to the Earth through activating Tribal Awakening

Jarah Tree – Dear brother rocking the world with his gypsy spirit, art and music

Wisdom Keepers with Rosy Aronson and the exploration of the Gene Keys thru her beautiful 64 Wisdom Keeper archetypes, painted and printed as a set of cards for guidance