Documentary Series

I have a deep remembrance and knowing of the journey of the Mayan Calendar, and in particular the Tzolkin, or harmonic matrix as a foundation for harmonic cultures of the Americas. Its influence is and was far and wide with its capacity to map the evolving cycles of consciousness. In particular in my bones is the knowing that it traveled from the Maya lands of Southern Mexico, to the Inca, to Easter Island to arrive on the shores of Aotearoa (New Zealand), with the Waitaha.

I have contemplated this knowing to myself over many years, and one day in my contemplation during the 2nd year of CoVid, as the people were beginning to rise and turn their backs on tyranny, I received the message from Spirit, that this knowing had to be shared through a Documentary, and because of the detail of this mapping, I received it had to be in a Series, with each episode of the first series detailing a particular area of the Americas. The 2nd Series would detail what the Calendar is,, how to use it, and how to allow it to be a tool for decolonising the mind, and ensuring the co-creation of a new culture based on harmony and inclusion of difference.

In the 1st Series would be the modern-day exploration of that journey, through humbly living with the people that still re-member and hold the stories of this journey, as well as still living by the Tzolkin as the foundation for their cultures, at the same time carrying the wounds of modern-day colonisation.. All of this to give credibility to the Mayan Calendar as the force for harmony and living in sync with the cycles of the cosmos and the Earth. For as we prepare to co-create a living, loving culture that is beneficial for all beings, we do not want to fall back into the traps of the archaic control culture that in the end is not life-affirming and is detrimental for our planet and its peoples in so many ways. The consumerist programming of lack, that keeps taking, does not benefit anyone in the long run.

The aim is to create 2 series of 4 episodes each, and I will keep you updated as to our progress here, with the aim to create a Patreon page for those that would really like to track our journey in detail.

This is a very wild ride, and I feel like the Fool jumping off the cliff into the unknowable in full trust, as Spirit guides me. Already synchronicity is alive and well and activating the perfect people in the perfect timing to join this journey.

If any readers feel a tingling inside, an activation in reading these words, you may be a part of this journey, and please find your courageous self and reach out, as you may be a pivotal piece in this evolving journey, it may be a part of your contract to the Earth and its peoples. My feeling is that my whole life and every initiation I have experienced has lead me to this as my offering. So if you feel similar, I would love to hear from you. It will take many people to co-create this offering for the betterment of 7 generations in both the future and the past.

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