Yoga Festival Auckland

This is the first NZ International Yoga Festival. It has been running for years and is well loved by New Zealand locals and visitors.

Vasumi will be presenting Wisdom Talks and Kirtan at this festival.


These seemingly diverse tangents weave to reveal a state of awakened mind, aware of the ever-evolving nature of consciousness. To walk in Grace is to be witness to the complex simplicity of a now that gifts gratitude for the profundity of the order of the formless. Delve deeper into the potency of the now as it reveals the divinity of synchronicity, as we explore and witness codes of magic alive and breathing through us. Come prepared to experiment!

Come and sing, allow the flow of Bhakti as we open our voices in Praise of the Divine! Simple songs, with simple words for simple voice and heart opening in Love together! For those who LOVE to SING!!! Or feel the call rise in Love with the voice!


What does this mean for you personally?

  • Appreciate what you have received so far? Consider buying me a coffee to support with costs of sharing this beautiful wisdom.
  • Learn the codes that lead to your essential wisdom. Clouded by colonized conditioning, see through the mists to your Innate Wisdom. Be equipped each day to follow the flow of synchronicity and walk the path of your own revelation. Click this Link for guidelines that spell it out easily.
  • Be guided to your Hero/ine's journey. Attune to the depths of your ESSENCE.  By clicking on this LINK. 
  • Track the codes daily with your 13 Moon Sychronometer, a calendar book in hand, to journal and witness the honesty of each days unfolding magic.
  • Track the days and decode your people, by downloading the 13:20Sync App (iphone) or a Dreamspell App (android)