13 Moon Wall Calendar 2022-23


Red SelfExisting Moon Year

(July 26 2022-July 25 2023)

Mayan 13 Moon Wall Calendar. Your place of connection, wonder and discovery of the worlds of harmony and synchronicity, woven in the fabric of TIME!

Organise your Life to a more Cosmic Blueprint!

The call is on to take greater care in all ways, let us return to natural time and natural mind and we can be guided by the divine design to do this…

This 13 Moon Wall Calendar is based on the harmonic matrix revealing the 365-day year with the overlay of a 13 Moon Calendar and the 260-day Tzolkin cycle. Each of 13 Moons include a one-page view of the whole Moon, a Photo Art page, plus information pages to help you track natural time. This Wall Calendar carries a practical layout designed to anchor you deeply into receiving the NEW thru tracking SYNCHRONICITY!

Also available is a workbook, which is the companion to this 13 Moon Wall Calendar, it explains in greater detail how to follow the codes.

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13 Moon Red SelfExisting Moon Year

This year the 13 Moon Wall Calendar replaces the 13 Moon Diary, laying out the codes for the RED SELFEXISTING MOON year. The 4th of 13 years of the Divine Feminine, and learning the Art of Receptivity. It is another game changer!

The time has arrived for something completely different. Let us witness this occurring through and around us in clarity, through purifying the collective mind with the codes, to see beyond colonised conditioning, working with the tool of this Mayan 13 Moon Wall Calendar.

Last year completed the third year of 13 years of Learning to be Receptive and honour the ways fo the Feminine. CoVid19 gifted space to settle back into our selves with the beginning of this White Wizard cycle in 2019. To question our paths, and whether we are part of the Problem or the Solution. After stopping and receiving, polarising, activating, now his year will gift us DEFINING and MEASURING the FORM our Receptivity will take. Purifying outmoded conditioning of the power-over mantle, through bridging worlds, and not needing to arrive at answers, more to purify and see what is naturally there. Each one of us looking to flow from world to world, to measure the new directions, manifesting choices that ensure ‘abundance for all beings.  We shall witness these qualities activating this year from July 26, which is the beginning of the 13 Moon year..

We are in for a ride open to the new world we are all choosing to co-create.

This 13 Moon Synchronometer carries the codes to guide us on the way to self-love. Accepting the moment as it is, flowing through us, without making it wrong.

There is also a Workbook that goes with this 13 Moon Wall Calendar, that carries the teachings of how to follow the codes, Tracking Time Codes. These two books are companions, the workbook only needs to be bought once, and the 13 Moon Wall Calendar is new each year.

Get a FREE downloadable 13 Moon Wall Calendar PDF for the year of RED SELFEXISTING MOON by purchasing a Dreamspell Mayan Reading & Teaching 90 Minute Session!

Explore the Codes of the Mayan 13 Moon Calendar, to obtain deeper revelation as it applies to your personal journey through life. This 13 Moon Wall Calendar gifts the basic tools to follow natural time, in sync with the Earth and the Cosmos!

The Photo Art in this 13 Moon Wall Calendar comes from Shutterstock, plus Art featuring Gina KielTalitha Walterfang, Heidi Holland, Theo Arraj, Brooke Hayley and others.  In deep gratitude for all your wonderful contributions.

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