Hidden Codes of the Ancient Future – A Tribe of 260 Kin Unite



by Vasumi Zjikaa

Exploring the harmonic structure of the unstructured! Experienced through Devotion to the Self. Synchronicity Unveiled! Detailing the Hidden Codes left in the ‘Temple of Inscriptions’ in Palenque.

In Buddhist philosophy there is mention of the Terma (hidden knowledge) and the Terton (decoder of that knowledge). That Terma is the ‘Law of Time’ and the Terton was Jose Arguelles (aka Valum Votan).

This book explores the Hidden Codes of theĀ Tzolkin (Synchronic Order) of 260 Kin (13 Tones x 20 Tribes), contemplating each of Kin, in order to inspire humanity to deep deep into this Galactic Order to find themselves and their connection to the Cosmos.

It is always reminded that each Kin is only the transmission coming thru the writer, and each being in encouraged to quest-i-on and share their own revelations via the Facebook group TimeWaves – the EVOLution rEVOLution.

Vasumi has tracked the 260-day cycle for the past 23 Solar years, blogging each day for around 4 years through this website. She has been guided to edit and share these revelations through this book, to make it available offline.

This book is still being edited and it is proposed to have it ready to send by December 2018.

If you would like to pre-order you are welcome and you will be sent your copy in December. I am so grateful for any that choose this, as it will anchor my writing process.

You can use this book to decode any date and explore the synchronicity that is gifted with that date.




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