Sidereal Astrology Relationship Reading


Sidereal Astrology Relationship Reading

Assists to understand the challenges involved in Relationship, and looks to ways to overcome the challenges. It also looks at what flows in the relationship. And then with each individuals chart are they here to grow through challenges in life, or to have an easy fluid life with less challenges, and also less growth. Very interesting perspectives emerge.


The Sidereal Astrology Relationship Readings include the two ways of exploring a relationship astrologically. Synastry compares the charts of those involved, revealing challenges and strengths, flows and obstructions between the people involved. The Composite Chart looks at the third entity of the relationship itself, to explore the potentials of the merged energy. 

This is an hour and a half reading, and it is suggested to have both people present, although if not possible, the session is recorded. It is also ok to go it alone, if looking at a prospective relationship.

It is suggested to first have a Natal Chart Reading.

Additional information

Recorded Session

You will receive your online zoom session recording in both audio and audio/visual through dropbox.

Sidereal Astrology Charts

You will receive your Natal and Solar Return Charts pdfs to your email.


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